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I am - email me at dchurch813(at)

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Q: Anyone interested in an un-used kraft store display featuring life-size cardboard stand-up figures of the 1992 olympic basketball dream team Michael Jordan magic Johnson Larry bird.?
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Where can one purchase Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts?

Lifesize cardboard cutouts make for great promotional items. They can be purchased online at websites like Stumps Party, Cardboard Cutouts, and Party City.

Are oxygen and hydrogen electrons shared equally in water?

I cry in the shower with my teddy bear and Justin Bieber lifesize cardboard cutout.

When was LifeSize created?

LifeSize was created in 2003.

What is LifeSize's population?

The population of LifeSize is 500.

What is the parent company of Lifesize Communications?

The parent company of Lifesize Communications is Logitech. Lifesize and Logitech both provide video conferencing opportunities and services. They are one of the leaders in the industry.

What are the release dates for Lifesize - 2008?

Lifesize - 2008 was released on: USA: January 2008 (Sundance Film Festival)

What actors and actresses appeared in Lifesize - 2008?

The cast of Lifesize - 2008 includes: Celia Rocha as Daniela Montserrat Salvador as Claire

Where can you buy lifesize keyblades?

Ebay or Amazon

What are the ratings and certificates for The L Word - 2004 Lifesize 3-6?

The L Word - 2004 Lifesize 3-6 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-MA

What does the site LifeSize offer?

LifeSize offers video conferencing equipment and facilities. They say they offer 'the next generation' of equipment as their big marketing strapline and they also say they can provide all that is needed.

Where can you find the chucky and Tiffany lifesize dolls?

Spencer's or Spencer's gifts.

How do you build a lifesize TARDIS from series 5?

Wood, Nails, Paint.

What are the rates for Lifesize communications?

"Lifesize communication rates are between four and one thousand kilobites per second. The higher the kilobite, the more expensive amount you pay and the lower the kilobite, the lower you pay. If that makes sense."

What is a lifesize chess board made out of?

A chess board can be made out of almost anything.

Is there lifesize Keyblades?

I belive that there are lifesized keyblades, and that if there are not then there will be next year when i make one.

What problem can occur in lifesize camera?

red light blinking in life size camera

Where can you find Justin Bieber lifesize cardboard cutouts?

I would say the best bet is to go on Ebay, or I looked on Amazon for me, but they dont ship to Canada So I went on Ebay... But the lowest price is like 29.00 plus tax! Hope this helped(:

How tall is a terracotta statue?

the Terra cotta warriors were designed to be as realistic as possible, and so were made to be lifesize.

Where can you get a lifesize Dalek from?

You can simply get the plans online (even on e-Bay) and build one. They're not expensive to build but are time consuming.

Where can you find a lifesize Dalek In exeter?

For Exeter, it wont be to hard to find, just ask around, or try Ebay, search around your area.

What is the value of a Jack Sikma Seattle Sonics lifesize poster?

I am wondering that too... mine is from 1981. Did you find anything? I was looking on eBay and there is nothing like it.

Where do find a lifesize Irish wolfhound?

Finding a non-lifesize IW would be a more interesting task ;-) Seriously? Contact your local breed club to get referrals. Provided you live in the US, you will find a list of regional Irish Wolfhound Clubs at . If you are in Europe, a list of national IW clubs is at

Where do you get a lifesize chucky doll cheap?

You can still get them at Spencer's Gifts. Otherwise you will have to look on auction sites or do an Internet search. They will be cheaper if you get them in a store rather than in an auction.

What are the features of a LifeSize UVC Video Center?

Logitech's LifeSize brand UVC Video Center is self described as a one-button high definition video recording, playback, and publishing device. Its features include web-based streaming, 1080p quality recording, and a host of customization tools. The premiere version also includes network access and other add-ons that may be of interest to videophiles.

What makeup did the ancient Greeks wear?

Rather than wearing stage makeup, the actors wore larger-than-lifesize masks painted to resemble human faces.