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As of the start of the 2007 season, no MLB player has hit for the cycle in the postseason.

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Q: Anyone hit for the cycle in post-season Major League Baseball?
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What major league baseball pitcher has the most postseason wins?

Andy Pettitte has the most career postseason wins with 18.

How many major league baseball teams make it to the playoffs?

As of 2012's Postseason, 10 teams in total, 5 teams from each league will make the Postseason.

What major league baseball player has played the most postseason games?

derek jeeter

How many postseason games in Major League Baseball?

there is 54 thns<3

Who holds the major league baseball record for most career hits in the postseason?

derek jeter

How many players are allowed on major league baseball team during the postseason play?


In Major League Baseball how does a team get a wild card?

In Major League Baseball, a wild card may be issued if two teams in both the American and the National league qualify for the postseason even though they did not win in their division.

How many wildcards in Major League Baseball?

There are 2 Wildcards in Major League Baseball, one in each league. The wildcard team -- the team with the best record that did not win the division -- gets to join the division winners in the postseason.

What player has played in the most postseason games in the major league baseball?

Derek Jeter holds the record for most career games played in the postseason with 138.

How long does baseball usually last?

Major League baseball season typically runs from early April to late September, followed by the postseason in October.

Which Major League Baseball player has played in the most postseason games and how many games it that?

As of the start of the 2007 postseason, Bernie Williams had played the most postseason games in MLB history with 121. However, Derek Jeter had played 119 games in the postseason and, barring injury, will pass Williams for the #1 spot if he plays 3 games in the 2007 postseason.

How many home runs does manny ramirez have in the playoffs?

Manny Ramirez has hit 29 career Homers during the Postseason in Major League Baseball.

Which active player has the most major league baseball postseason appearances who is not a New York Yankee?

Manny Ramirez is the top active non-Yankees player with the most postseason appearances with 111 games played.

Which player has the most major league baseball postseason appearances?

Through game 1 of the 2010 playoffs, Derek Jeterhas made the most postseason appearances. He has played in 139 games.

Who has the most Major league most postseason home runs?

Manny Ramirez

What is the best team in Major League Baseball?

its the giants no matter what anyone says

Has anyone ever been ejected from the major league baseball all-star game?


Major League Baseball logo modeled after anyone?

It was patterned after Harmon Killebrew but not copied from him.

Which major league pitcher holds the record for the most wins in the postseason?

As of 2009, Andy Pettitte holds the record for most career postseason wins with 18.

What sport has a five game series?

Major League Baseball has a five game series for their postseason, but only for the Division Series. MLB's League Championship Series and World Series is the best-of-seven.The NBA and NHL are both best-of-seven series throughout the postseason.

How many MLB games were decided by one run in 2007?

There was 868 major league baseball games decided by one run, in 2007. 16 games of the 868 were in the postseason.

What major league baseball manager has the most postseason wins?

As of the start of the 2008 playoffs: 1) Joe Torre - 75 2) Bobby Cox - 66

How many players are on Major League Baseball team?

25 from opening day through August 31; 40 from September 1 through the end of the season (or postseason if applicable)

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

What is meant by Major League Baseball?

major league baseball