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Cork City.


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Q: Any soccer teams that start with c?
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What soccer teams start in letter c?

Chelsea, Cameroon, Central Coast Mariners are a few.

What college teams start with the letter c?

Cornell Big Red is the name of the sport teams at Cornell University.

Which teams sell the most soccer shirts?

Real Madrid. About 100,000 annually. Roughly half of them have the name C. Ronaldo on the back.

What are some bad things about soccer that start with the letter C?

concussions - Many soccer players experience a concussion from hitting the ball with their head.

What is the national sport of Italy?

Soccer is the national sport of Italy. Most large cities have soccer teams rated in series A, B, and C. A being the best such as Inter, Milan, Rome, etc

In a world soccer team rating how good would the Mexican soccer teams be?

Considering Brazil, Argentina and Spain the top teams in the world right now. (A+)And Italy, France, Germany England and Netherlands (A)Mexico,Portugal, Czech Republic (B+)USA, Russia (B/C+) teams...The FIFA World Ranking doesn't really show accuracy since it rates on any International matches and some federations (Concacaf) will have weaker teams than others (UEFA)

Are there any fish that start with a C?

yes there is a fish that starts with a c it is the cod

Are their any big cats that start with the letter c?


Is there any images of animals that start with the letter C?


Are there any beverages that start with the letter c?

Cranberry Juice

Is thar any insect that start with c?

centipede, cockroach

What are words with double c?


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