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You could do better ball, where both players play out the hole with their own ball and the lowest score is taken. Scramble, where both players hit a drive, take the best one, both players hit the approach, take the best one, and then both hit the putt, take the best one. Foursomes, Player A hits the drive on the odd holes, player B hits the approach and so on, on the even holes player B hits the tee shot, and player A hits the approach etc. Or greensomes, where both players hit a tee shot, the best one is taken, whoever's tee shot is not chosen hits the approach and the rest of the hole is player out in alternate shots from there.

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If your talking about themed nights we had a nell Gymn impersantor come in but that is only for the midlands area of England

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Q: Any ideas for a ladies member guest golf theme as opposed to golf format?
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