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Q: Angle at which the bowling ball finger holes are drilled?
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How many holes are there on a bowling ball?

There are three holes drilled into a typical bowling ball. These are for the thumb, the index finger, and the forefinger. Occasionally there will be added holes, but this is very rare.

What are the angles at which the finger holes are drilled in a bowling ball?

It depends on the person's grip, style of bowling, hand strength and intention. They are termed as finger/thumb pitch.

How much weight will a bowling ball loose after the finger and thumb holes are drilled?

Usually about 2-3 ounces.

How many finger holes are there in ten-pin bowling balls?

The standard is two finger holes and one thumb hole. Sometimes a third finger hole is drilled to assist with those with hand injuries.

How many holes are drilled into a bowling ball for your fingers?


How many holes are there in a tenpin bowling ball?

The vast majority of bowlers use a ball that has three holes drilled in it and some bowlers use four holes the extra one for the pinky finger.The three holes are for the thumb,middle finger,and ring finger.

What is the circumference of the finger holes in a bowling ball?

It depends on the bowling ball

How many finger holes in bowling ball?

Normally there are 2 but you can have up to 4 finger holes .on a bowling ball fpr approval of the USBC

How many finger holes are on a tenpin bowling bowl?

There Are 3 holes in a ten-pin bowling ball.

How many holes are there in a standard ten pin bowling ball?

A bowling ball doesn't have any holes in the manufacturing stage. The most common number of holes drilled is 3 - 2 fingers and a thumb. In the early days and sometimes found today, there is only one finger and a thumb. If there's been some hand injury, sometimes an extra finger hole is drilled. Sometimes there is a counter balance hole drilled at or near the axis point to allow the dynamics of a bowling ball work better for a bowler. In tenpin bowling, regardless of the number of holes, you are only allowed a certain weight difference at the grip point, where there is top and bottom weight and left and right side weight.

How many finger holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball?


How many holes can be drilled into a bowling ball?

The USBC (United States Bowling Congress) allows up to six holes to be legally drilled into a bowling ball: one for each finger being used to grip the ball, plus one additional one (colloquially known as the 'weight hole') to change the ball's center of gravity -- which affects how soon and by how much the ball will start to hook. The vast majority of bowlers, however, grip the ball with only two or three fingers; a very few might use a fourth (usually the little finger, or pinky). Therefore, finding a ball legally drilled with five or six holes is extremely rare.

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