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The average Golf course is about 5486 m.

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Q: An average golf course would be how many meters?
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What is the average length of a full sized golf course of 18 holes in meters?

The average length of a golf course would be around 5000-6500 metres.

Do they use meters or yards to measure the golf course in Ontario?

you would measure it in meters because meters is bigger to use when your measuring a golf course.

What is the size of a golf course in square meters?

depends on the golf course, retard

How long is an average golf course in yards?

The average 18 hole golf course is about 6000 yards long.

How is the hole distance measured on a golf course?

All golf courses have the holes marked in meters.

What is the average par for a golf course?


What is the average golf course revenue?


Average size of 18 hole golf course?

The average size of an 18 hole golf course is 6000 yards, or 5486 m.

A golf ball on a golf course sits 2 meters from the hole The flag in the hole is 1.5 meters high What is the angle of elevation?


What is the average size of a miniature golf course hole?

same as a regular golf course 3 inches across

What is the average salary of a golf course architect?


An average golf course would be how many miles?

The average golf course in the United States is approximately 7,200 yards, give or take a 100 depending on the handicap. --------------- You forgot to take into account the distance between holes which can add as much as 2000-3000 yards depending on the course. As someone who has played golf for 30 years (most of it walking) I would say the average distance to walk a course from the 1st tee to the 18th green is 6-7 miles.

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