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A free throw.

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Q: An unopposed attempt to score a point?
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Use the word unopposed in a sentence?

My answer went unopposed. How can a public official run for office unopposed? If was as if our team was unopposed.

Is a two point conversion pass in football considered as a pass attempt?

Any offensive stats obtained during a conversion attempt i.e. pass attempt, completion, yards, reception, etc are not counted towards the final box score.

Can the defense score on a two point conversion attempt?

Not in the NFL. Once the offense loses control of the ball -- with an incomplete pass, interception, or tackle -- the play is dead. In college and Canadian football, however, the defense can return the ball and score a 2-point defensive conversion.

You got 1050 in SAT what should you do?

First, is this on the 1600- or 2400-point scale. Most likely one would want to retake the test to attempt to get a better score.

Who ran unopposed for President?

George Washington and James Monroe when running for his second term were virtually unopposed.

How many points are scored for a touchdown in America Football?

Six. When it comes to points after a touchdown, an extra point adds one to the score. A successful two-point conversion adds two. If a touchdown wins a game in overtime, there is no extra-point attempt.

Can the defense score on a point after touchdown attempt?

Yes. It must, however, be run back to the opposite endzone for 2 points. Note that this only applies in college football. In the NFL, when the defense touches the ball on a PAT attempt, the ball is dead.

How many seconds to attempt to score a goal water polo?


How many point do you receive in frisbee when you score?

one point

What is it called when you score in volleyball?


If the ball is intercepted on an extra point can you score a touchdown?

You cannot score a touchdown if you intercept an extra point. If you return it for a touchdown (all the way to the other team's end zone) you get two points. This is only for college level football. Professional football and High School football immediately blows the whistle and the play is dead when an extra point kick attempt is blocked.

Which president ran for office unopposed?

George Washington ran unopposed, but others received electoral votes anyway. James Monroe ran unopposed for reelection (2nd term in 1820).monroe's 2nd term

How do you make a point in a badminton match?

In the previous 15 point format you have to serve and then win that point to get a point added to your score Now in the 21 point format every time you win a particular point your score is added.

How do you score 1 point in football?

Make a Point after touchdown (PAT).

Who is the only president of India have been elected unopposed?

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy is a only president of india have been elected unopposed

Which presidents ran unopposed?

George Washington was unopposed in 1788 and again in 1792 and James Monroe faced no organized opposition in 1820.

When you score a point in baseball what is it called?

A run

What is GPA score?

grade point average

What is a 6 point score in football?

you get a touchdown

What does an unopposed order mean?

Legally, uncontested .

What rhymes with predisposed?

unopposed, disclosed, imposed

How do you work out the frequency time the score when the score is a range?

You use the mid-point of the range.

What happens if a tennis ball hits the score card and goes in during a point?

You Would probably re-play the point and fix the score.

Is extra point kicked in nfl overtime?

No. The first team to score in overtime is declared the winner. If that score is a touchdown, no extra point is attempted.

What number cant be scored in nfl?

You cannot score a single point in football. Yes, you can get one point from the extra point after a touchdown, but that requires you to score six points in the first place.