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An Ace.

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Q: American term for a hole in one?
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Can dark holes transfer things from one place to another?

No. And the term is "black hole," not "dark hole."

In golf what is the term for a score of one over par on a hole?


What does the term eagle mean?

2 under par on one hole.

Another term for a hole in one in golf?

On a par three hole it is also an eagle. On a par four hole it is also a double eagle. It is also called an ace.

What does the term bogey mean?

One over par on a given golf hole.

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What is the short term effect on the hole of ozone layer?

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What is a boigie?

A bogey is a golf term. It refers to getting the ball into the hole one below par. Par is the number of hits it should take to get it in the hole.

What is the term ozone hole?

a hole in the ozone layer.

What does the term boggie mean in golf?

Bogey means one over par on a given hole.

What does the golf term birdie mean?

one under par for that hole is par 4 and you get 3

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What exactly is a double eagle?

It is a golf term. It means to score three under par on a hole. If your par is four, you would have to get a hole in one to score a double eagle. If your par is five, you would score 2. This term is an outdated one, and is rarely used because it is rarely applicable.

What is a birdie?

A birdie is a slang term for a bird, a completion of a hole in golf one stroke below par, or an alternative term used in badminton for a shuttlecock.

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What does the term 'birdie' mean in golf?

When a player takes one shot less than the specified par on a hole

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What is the term for 4 under in Golf?

It is called a condor, 4 under par on one hole, very rare if not impossible.

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What is term of a hole through a bone?


Which golf term is a hole-in-1?