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chickens 87 Tigers 73 after the 2008-2009 season

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Q: All time win loss record for South Carolina clemson basketball?
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Clemson vs South Carolina in football?

As of 2008, Clemson's record vs South Carolina is 65-37-4 or a .632 winning percentage.Follow the link below: Clemson vs. South Carolina for a full history of games.

What is the city of the clemson tigers?

Clemson, South Carolina

What city is clemson university at?

Clemson, South Carolina.

Clemson's all-time record vs the SEC?

Clemson has a 4-2 record versus Steve Spurrier when he coached for Duke University from '87-'89 and the University of South Carolina '05-'07. Clemson defeated Duke in '87 and '88, but lost at Duke in '89. Clemson never faced Spurrier while he coached at Florida from '90-'01. Since Spurrier has taken the job at USC, the away team has won with Clemson winning in '05 and '07. Clemson is 4-2 versus Steve Spurrier. They faced him in 87-89 while he was the head coach at Duke. Clemson won in 87 and 88 but lost in 89 at Duke. They never faced Spurrier while he coached at Florida. Clemson has won on the road against South Carolina in 05 and 07 but lost at home in 06.

What are the largest colleges in South Carolina?

The major universities in South Carolina are Clemson and South Carolnia. Clemson is a lot better but out of all the other schools South Carolina is probaly 2nd best

What was the last year South Carolina got a win over clemson in the sec?

Never, Clemson's never been in the SEC they are in the ACC but South Carolina's last win was in 2006. But Clemson owns South Carolina and everyone knows that, even South Carolina fans.

What state is Clemson in?

South Carolina

Who has the most wins in the clemson South Carolina football rivalry?


Which team South Carolina or clemson has the most players in the nfl?


Where is Clemson Univ?

Clemson University is located in Clemson, South Carolina.

Who is clemson's rival?

Clemson's rival is without a doubt the University of South Carolina. To even utter the word "gamecock" in Clemson, South Carolina is a sin. Unless an insult is attached.

Who won first South Carolina versus Clemson football game?

The first football game between South Carolina and Clemson was played in 1896. South Carolina won 12-6.