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Top 50 premiership scorers all time

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Q: All time premiership top scorers
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Who are the top English rugby union Premiership try scorers of all time?

Steve Hanley of Sale Sharks is the current top scorer with 75 .... he retired in 2007 (i think)

Who are the Top fifteen suffolk university basketball scorers?

all time basketball scorers

Top 3 scorers of headers in premiership?

er Crouch , emmanuel adebayour, and Drogba.

Top 10 leading goal scorers for 2009-2010 for premiership?

Caleb Ramsey

Who are the top 75 goal scorers in premier league history?

Go to the Related Link for the all-time Top 100 scorers:

Who are the top test hundred scorers of all time?


Who are the nba top 500 all time scorers?

there is no one

Who are the top twenty all time top flight goal scorers?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who are the top scorers in English Premiership football?

There are only a few premiership players to have scored over a hundred goals, and the highest goal scorer of all time is Alan Shearer, followed by Andy Cole, Henry, Fowler, Les Ferdinand, Teddy, Hasselbaink, Owen Yorke, and Wright. I believe this to be the case.

Who are the top 100 all time scorers in nba?

Kobe Bryant

Who are the All time top Liverpool goal scorers?

ian rush

Who are the Chicago bull top 50 all-time scorers?


Top 3 all time top scorers in the champions league?

Inzhagi,Raul and Nisteroy

Who are the top 2 scorers in English Premiership football 0809 season?

Nicolas Anelka - 17 Cristiano Ronaldo - 16

Who are the top ten all time leading scorers for Indiana university basketball?


Who is the top scorer of headed goals in English premiership football?

Alan Shearer is the all time top scorer of headed goals in the premiership with 46.

Who are the Top scoring defenders of all time in premiership?

John Terry

Top scoring spanish player in the premiership of all time?


All time top goalscorer premiership in a season?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Top 3 scorers against man utd in the premiership?

Duncan Ferguson Alan Shearer Didier Drogba

Who are the all-time top scorers for the University of Southern California's men's basketball team?

Ronnie Coleman

Who are the top ten test cricket run scorers of all time?

Dhoni singh.

Top ten all time leading scorers for Ohio State mens basketball?

Jerry lucas

Who are the top ten all time leading scorers for the State of Indiana in college basketball?

Larry Bird

Who are the top three scorers in college basketball in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Tar Heels have a long and rich basketball tradition. Their top three scorers of all time are Tyler Hansbrough, Phil Ford, and Sam Perkins.