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no, in fact most are from Spain and south America

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:09:44
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Q: All of the female professional skateboarders from Canada?
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How does sponsorship work?

A sponser helps pay for props or anything, sponsors are used in all sports, an example professional skateboarders have sponsors to pay for all there equipment.

How much profit does a professional skateboarder make?

There are many professional skateboarders, all with varying degrees of earning potential. However, those somewhere in the middle earn 50,000 to 100,000 a year, while the most successful skaters make up to a million annually.

Why are skateboarders usually perceived as lowlifes?

Because some skateboarders (not all!) smoke weed and hang around in places they shouldn't and sometimes get arrested by the cops, therefore ALL skateboarders are percieved as lowlives as people think they go around smoking weed and getting arrested.

What is KWASportsCo?

KWASportsCo™ is a new Global Action Sports Brand that will provide apparel, accessories, and equipment for kids, teens, and young adults of both genders. KWASportsCo™ will also provide products to Skateboarders, Snowboarders and Surfers. Other Action Sports Athletes will be announced at later date.KWASportsCo™ is putting together a team of Professional and Amateur Skateboarders, Surfers and Snowboarders, male and female, from all nationalities and cultures. KWASportsCo™ plans to create a cool and enhanced brand for our Global Market.

How much money do professional skateboarders earn?

It all depends on their sponsors and how many they have, and the popularity of the skater themself, his/her sponsors, and contests and demo's.normaly they get paid 500 for a sponser but more for depends, it could be Thousands, Millions or more :)

Who was the first skateboarding pro in history?

Nobody knows exactly who the first professional skateboarder was. All we know that one of the best skateboarders is Rodney Mullen. Rodney Mullen has invented most of the tricks and has been around for 40 years. ----

Do skateboarders get kicked out by security?

yes. all the time. it sucks

Who is responsible for the contiuation of skateboarding?

All Skateboarders around the world

What is wrestlicious?

Wrestlicious is an all-female professional wrestling promotion based out of Tampa, Florida.

Are skateboarders gay?

Not all skaters but prob ya some are gay hey

How much do skate borders get paid?

Most of the skateboarders that I see don't get paid at all.

Who is Dottie Green?

Dottie Green was a female catcher who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

How much do you get paid for skateboarding monthly?

Many skateboarders are sponsored, which means that companies will pay them to promote their products (think Tiger Woods and Nike). The more famous a skateboarder is, the more offers he/she will receive for sponsoring. Famous skateboarders will make lots of money doing this. Otherwise, all skateboarders income would come from winnings in competition. Prizes can vary quite a bit and the amount a skateboarder can make will be dependent on how good they are. Most skateboarders must have another job, as they do not make enough to support themselves.

Why is the national anthem not played at all professional sports prior to beginning of game?


How many skateboarders live in California?

The total number of people who skateboard can not be given. People of all ages do this.

What skate ramps do they use at skate parks?

usually a whole range but all at different difficulties to suit all likes of skateboarders. so the answer is all types of ramps can be at skateparks

What famous Skateboarders live in California?

Almost all of them do.But bam margera lives in Philly and so does Kerry getz.

What are the female voice clarifications from highest to lowest?

Um, I'm pretty sure the voice clarifications for a female from highest to lowest is Soprano, Alto & Tenor. Why do you want to know exactly. ( I am Trustable, I am a Professional after all! )

Who is techincally the best professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing?

Technically the best male professional is Darren Bennett and his wife Lilia Kopylova is the best female professional. However all the pro's are equally as good as each other, Darren and Lilia have won the most trophies.

Can a women become a professional player at any age?

I assume you are referring to Baseball. The answer is four-feather walls or falls- NO WAY Josefina! There has never been a female player in the Major Leagues. There was a short-lived female baseball league during War II it fizzles after the big leagues got back up to speed. The only professional ( taking this somewhat loosely_ female Baseball player to play- with and against Men, was the phenomenal athlete- all-rounder but probably best known as a professional Golfer and founder of the LPGA- Mildred ( Babe) Didriksen, who died in I believe l955 or 56. That"s all folks.

Who is Clonie Gowen and what do they do?

Clonie Gowan is a female American professional poker player. Clonie plays as well as commentates on championships and also has a column in All In magazine.

What country are maple leaves found in?

Maple trees grow in all countries of the Northern Temperate Zone. The Maple Leaf is the emblem of Canada, the name of a bullion coin minted in Canada and the name of the Toronto professional ice hockey team

What kind of ground do skateboarders hate most?

I skate and personally I hate gravel roads cus they are all bumpy but everyone has their own opinion.

Do people play paintball all over the the world?

Yes and No. There are many countries that play around the world. The USA has the most players, but Canada, Sweden, Russia, and other countries all have professional teams.

Do skateboarders actually defy the laws of physics?

Absolutely not. Given the mass of the boarder, their velocity and the acceleration of gravity, you can predict all movements of a skateboarder with Newtonian physics.