All WWE divas

Updated: 10/22/2022
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As of June 1, 2012:




Alicia Fox





Rosa Mendes



Beth Phoenix

Eve Torres

Kelly Kelly


There are also Cameron and Naomi, who are Brodus Clay's dancers.

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Q: All WWE divas
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Which WWE divas have accents?

Layla does because she is British. Other than that all of the WWE Divas are American born and raised.

What WWE divas have Facebook?

Almost all of them do All the divas do have facebook but their facebooks are run by WWE. They have private facebooks for their families and close friends only

Is there 365 divas in WWE?

No there is no 365 divas in the WWE. There isn't even 365 in the whole WWE.

How many WWE divas in all of the wrestling companys?


How many WWE divas can belly dance?

probably all

Are WWE superstars male wrestlers?

Yes. But not all of them some are women but they are called WWE Divas.

Do the superstars work for WWE or are they contracted out?

All the WWE Superstars/Divas are under contract to WWE therfore they work for WWE they are not contracted out.

Where can one find information on WWE Divas?

You can find information about WWE Divas on the official WWE website. They are found under the Superstars tab on the homepage. There is also a group on Facebook that is dedicated to the WWE Divas.

Who are the characters of WWE?

The WWE Superstars And Divas

Where might one find pictures of WWE Divas?

You can find pictures and images of WWE Divas online by visiting websites that have wrestling as there main focus. Images of WWE Divas can be found in wrestling magazines and other reference books that are available from all good bookshops.

When is the next WWE diva search?

After 4 years with no WWE Divas Search it is going to be WWE Divas Search at 2011 sometime

How do you get divas on WWE smackdown vs raw 2010?

there all on there monkey