Ali and aj

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Aly is the older sister. these girls are awsome at singing and their real names are Aly is Alyson Renae Michalka, Aj is Amanda Joy Michalka. Some people might say it's Amanda Jo Michalka but its up to you guys who read this answer

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i think aly and aj is 456

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Q: Ali and aj
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On what tv sHow is was aj of ali and aj?

Phil of the Future

Does AJ Michalka have a belly button piercing?

yeah AJ and her sister Ali both have belly button piercings

What are the two girls band that ends with michalka?

ali and aj

Who is older Ali or Aj?

Aly is older. Lots of people think their twins and i just told my sister. shes dfoing aly and aj sing it.Aly by 2 yearsAly-1989 Aj-1991

Was 'Do You Believe in Magic' by Aly and Aj on Wizard's of Wavery Place?

Well Selena Gomez does a cover of it, but neither Selena nor Ali & Aj are the original artist. It was originally recorded and made popular by The Lovin' Spoonful in 1965.

Who is better aj lee or paige?

Aj lee

What nicknames does AJ Geddes go by?

AJ Geddes goes by The Mighty AJ.

What is aj lee's email?


What does the AJ stand for in AJ Cook?

AJ stands for Andrea Joy. AJ is affectionately known as Dre by close family and friends.

What is the name AJ in Japanese?

AJ = エージェー

Are aly and aj sister?

yes. aly and aj michalka are sisters yeah. aly is 2 years older than AJ

In tna what does aj stand for in aj styles?

the aj in aj styles means Alan Jones) <<<< my new answear on the TNA forum his name is paul somthing ??!:)