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At Summerslam or Survivor Series 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Alfter looseing to edge at one night stand when will the undertaker return?
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Did undertaker die last week?

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

When Will the undertaker return on 2011?

He will definetely return on 21 February monday night RAW. Many rumours about Sting debuting, but I doubt that, but he might who knows. But The Undertaker is coming back for sure

Since the undertaker lost edge at one night stand when will he return?

yea at edges wedding

Edge forced undertaker to leave WWE will undertaker return back to WWE?

Although The Phenom Undertaker was 'banished' from the WWE after Edge beat him in a TLC match at One Night Stand, he will return to the WWE. July 18, 2008 Yes, he will be return possibly at Summer Slam, he was just taking some time off like he does every year at this time. Undertaker will return at Summerslam and battle edge in a hell in a cell match

Will undertaker returns at royalrumble2011?

No, but he will probably return 21st February (the first monday night raw after elimination chamber).

When will exactly undertaker return to smackdown in 2011?

Actually, he returns tonight on Monday Night Raw. (2/21/11)

Will the undertaker retarn to Friday night smackdown?

yes the Undertaker will come back to Friday Night Smackdown

Will the undertaker return at 2.21.11?

Yes, the Undertaker will return on 2/21/11.You are probably wondering how do i know? Well, every Monday Night Raw, they show separate commercials showing a dark house on a rainy day and they show the Undertaker's boots. On the third part of the commercials, they show the Undertaker walking past the window. On the second part at the commercial, They show the undertaker going inside of the house and play the song, '' There ain't no grave that can hold my body down'', which is the song they always play when the Undertaker returns.

When undertaker will return to smackdown?

Tonight on Monday Night Raw. (2/21/11) I know it sonds crazy, but it's true.

Who won last night WWE Shawn micahels or undertaker?


Who beat undertaker on Friday night smackdown?

come on you fool!......................don't be so densed about the undertaker..................he is not dead and no one knows who did it!........its a story line and also he will return and take revenge on the culprit and dat culprit is Kane

Who won Shawn micheals vs undertaker last night?

undertaker, Shawn was my fav

Is Undertaker stronger than Kane?

The Undertaker, The phenom is stronger! Undertaker lost to Kane at night of champions then Hell in A cell followed by A buried alive match. The reason why this is is because Undertaker needed more time because he still had some injuries wearing on him espically his shoulder, He will return before wrestlmania and challange Kane I guess and regain his holy grail the world champion!And get his revenge on the Nexus. otherwise undertaker would have won all three of those paper views....... UNDERTAKER 4EVA

Did Undertaker beat Kane at Night of Champions 2010?

Not in 2010No, at Night of Champions 2010, Undertaker lost.

Who won in night of champions Kane vs undertaker?

Kane won at Night of Champions.

Will the undertaker be on todays Friday night smackdown?


Will rey mysterio win the world heavyweight championship Christmas Night when he faces the undertaker?

Yes He defianatly will win because a gift will come to rey xmas Night V Undertaker

Will Triple H return at WrestleMania 27?

The Game Triple H was already returned to WWE on February 21, 2011 at Monday night Raw event and challenged The Undertaker a match at WrestleMania and Undertaker accepted his challenge and made their match as No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania 27

Who won the rock and stone cold in the same night?


Who won between Kane and undertaker at night of champions?


Is Shawn Michaels returning to the WWE?

ya just like the other legends he will return for like a one night thing at wrestlemania 27 undertaker will face a mystery oponent and it will be HBK Guess you were wrong! As he did return but not to wrestle as he is a man of his word.

Will the undertaker win at one night stand 2008?

The Undertaker has gotta win thay cant have SmackDown with out him and Edge WILL REST IN PEAC!!!!!!

Will the Undertaker get revenge and a world tile shot at night of champions?

Yes he will win and get revenge because will he the undertaker and there supposed to have a rematch at hell in a cell

Why was nexes beat the undertaker?

That night Wade Barret said they want to make something unforgettable. So they beat the Undertaker.

What kind of work did Undertaker do before wrestling?

He was a bouncer at a night club