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The Crimson Tide is 3-0 vs The Ohio State University.

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Alabama and Ohio State have played in football only two times. Both in the Sugar Bowl. In 1977 Alabama whipped Ohio State 36-6 that year to win the National Championship. Alabama had a very good team. Ohio State was an average Big Ten Team that got a New Years invite b/c Ohio State is Ohio State. Ohio State had been crushed by a mediocre Michigan game 22-0 in Columbus in the game they played before Alabama. Woody Hayes broke his foot kicking the goal post walking off the field at halftime. Alabama should have had to at least played some kind of ranked team to have won the Nat'l Championship that year in my opinion and in the opinion of many others. Ohio State defeated Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl game 42-35. Most College Football fans remember this game. It was the first year of the college playoff series. Though Ohio State was a heavy underdog and final score was close. My opinion and the opinion of most was that Alabama just did not have the speed or toughness to compete in that game despite the fact that Ohio State was starting their 3rd string QB who had barely practiced with the team that year and had a limited playbook.

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Q: Alabama record vs Ohio State college football?
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