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84 ft, 11 inches

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Q: Alabama basketball longest shot george Lynn foster auditorium?
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When was Foster Auditorium created?

Foster Auditorium was created in 1939.

When was Greg Foster - basketball - born?

Greg Foster - basketball - was born on 1968-10-03.

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arthur foster mason

Who was on the roster for the US 1959 basketball team?

1959 army b ball foster

Who is the second tallest basketball player in NCAA Division 1?

Will Foster @ Gonzaga 7 5

Tameka Foster Raymond address?

445 W. Corwall Rd. Salt Lake City,Alabama 44272

Who coached the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team before Coach K?

Bill Foster

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In Alabama they must have reached the age of majority. Otherwise they need to wait until they turn 18. If they are being abused, the court will move them to a foster home.

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Where is the G. W. Carver Interpretive Museum in Dothan Alabama located?

The address of the G. W. Carver Interpretive Museum is: 305 N Foster St, Dothan, AL 36303-4543

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"Foster" means to help the growth.- Foster the baby- Foster your friendship- Foster my Pet

What was the purdue men's basketball roster for 1993?

In 1993-94 Purdue University basketball was a national power led by coach Gene Keady. That year they went 29-5 with a roster of Robinson, Martin, Waddell, Roberts, Brantley, Stanback, Jennings, Dove, Darner, Foster, McNary, Williams, Gilvydis, and Ervin.

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The record is held by sophmore stud muffin weiner licker from licking valley hs RYAN FOSTER DIERKS!!!!

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