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Carl Lewis

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Q: After which sporting personality was Lewis Hamilton named?
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Lewis Hamilton full name?

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton Hamilton was named after the American sprinter Carl Lewis

Who was Lewis Hamilton named after?

f1 racing

You are looking for info on Sir Lewis-Hamilton?

You have stated in your info regarding Hamilton Township, NJ Mercer County that it was named after Alexander Hamilton. Woul you provide me with the source of info verifying this conclusion?

Lewis Hamiltons middle name?

His full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. He is named after Carl Lewis and his mother's maiden name is Davidson but his mother and father never got married.

Why are the Lewis and Clark caverns named after Lewis and Clark didn't discover them?

Because at the time they were named,nothing in the west was named after Lewis and Clark.

How many siblings does Alexander Hamilton have?

Alexander Hamilton had one brother, James Hamilton.

Who was named Hamilton in World War 2?

Hamilton Fish

What three places where named after Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton, Ohio Hamilton County, Ohio Hamilton College

What is Matthew Lewis's girlfriend named?

Matthew Lewis' girlfriend is named Sinead Husband

What are Lewis Hamilton's parents names?

Lewis' father is named Anthony and his step mom is named Linda. His blood mother is named Carmen Lockhart. His parents split when was 2 years old. He moved in with is dad and step mom when we was 10 years old. The move was to add discipline back into Lewis' life and make sure he was in the best environment to focus on racing. ifhgruihuigtegerugheruig

Who is the only woman to be named Sporting News Man of the Year?

Jackie Joyner Kersee is the only woman to be named Sporting News Man of the Year.

Who was Lewiston Idaho named after?

It was named for Meriwether Lewis, one of the leaders of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Clarkston, WA, which is right across the state line, was named for William Clark, Lewis' partner.

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