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AC Milan

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Q: After real Madrid who won the most champions league titles?
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Which team has won the UEFA Champions League the most times real Madrid livrpool or barcalona?

Real Madrid has won the most Champions League titles (including European Cup).

Who has won the champions league most and how many times?

Real Madrid with 9 titles in total.

Who has won the most champions league titles?

The Spanish giants Real Madrid have won the champion League a total of nine times.

Who is leading in champion league?

No team really leads in the Champions League as despite its name, it is more like a tournament. But Real Madrid are the most successful Club in the Champions league with 10 titles.

Who is the player who has won the most champions league titles?

The Real Madrid player Alberto Di Stefano won the champion league five times the most by a player.

Who has won the most uefa trophies?

Juventus,Inter Milan and Liverpool have all won the europa league the most times with 3 titles each.Real Madrid has won the champions league the most time with 9 titles.

Who have the most champions league?

Real Madrid

Who has won the champion league the most?

Which champion league?AnswerReal Madrid have won the champions league 9 times.

The team who won the most champions league titles?

Real Madrid C.F have won the most number of Champions Leagues. They have won it a record 10 times.

Which team is the greatest team in UEFA champions league?

It is the Spanish giants Real Madrid with a record of 9 titles the most, A.c. Milan come next with 7 titles.

Who has won most of the champions league respectively?

real madrid

Most appearances in the champions league?

Raul from Real Madrid.