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Yes, the interception will count. The key is that the penalties happened after the change of possession.

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Q: After an interception there are offsetting penalties Does the interception count?
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If offsetting penalties occur during a kick return for a touch down does it count?

You usually have to re-kick.

Does an interception count if their was no chance of your team catching it?

absolutely, the QB was on the other team, making it an interception.

What is the Gretzky rule?

In the eighties the NHL created a rule which was referred to as the Gretzky rule or one to prevent the Edmonton Oilers from having more open ice. Basically it was designed to have teams play five on five with offsetting penalties as opposed to four on four or three on three. That has been changed so that now with offsetting penalties the teams play four on four.

Does the yards gained on a interception count towards yards gained for the game...Same question for a fumble return?

Yes, they aren't going to count for nothing.

Do away goals count in the carling cup?

Only at the end of extra time, before penalties!

What are offsetting penalties in pro football?

Offsetting penalties are when both teams have committed a penalty on the same play. Offset means the two penalties cancel each other out. Offsetting penalties only occur on LIVE BALL penalties. These are flags that occur during the play (after or concurrent with the snap, before the ball is dead at the completion of the play). These are penalties that are not whistled dead at the snap, or flags after the play (usually unsportsmanlike, late hits, etc...). If a live ball foul occurs on both the offense and defense, they 'offset' meaning neither foul will be penalized, and the down is replayed. If multiple dead ball fouls occur between plays on the offense and defense, ALL fouls are penalized in the order in which they occurred. While it may seem like it wouldn't matter (if both the offense and defense had unsportsman like fouls at the same time during a deadball phase), since they yardage is the same going both ways, there are special exceptions that can happen. For example, if you have two (one on offense, one on defense, with the offenses one happening first) dead ball unsportsman likes penalties, and the ball is at the offenses 20 yard line, the result wouldn't be at the offenses 20 yard line, but the offenses 25 yard line. The reason is that the 15 yard penalty is first against the offense, and since the ball is inside the offenses 30 yard line, the penalty yardage is half the distance to the goal, which would be 10 yards and place the ball at the 10. Now you assess the defenses penalty, giving the offense 15 yards, so the ball is placed at the 25 yard line.

What part of speech is interception?

Interception is a noun.

For what reasons may the clock be stopped in football?

The clock is stopped for a number of reasons. After an incomplete pass, after the ball carrier steps out of bounds, after a turnover on downs, after an interception, after a defensive fumble recovery, during a coach's challenge, and after some penalties.

What penalty's for not paying child support in New York state?

The penalty for not paying child support is very great. It ranges from driver's license suspension, to passport denial. Other penalties are income execution and lottery winnings interception.

How do you find the slope of a curve?

a trick to figuring out the slope is "rise over run". basically, you start where the line intercepts the Y-axis and count up to the spot where it intersects the X-axis. then you count over from the Y to the X interception point. that is your slope.

When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

How do use interception in a sentence?

That was a great interception by Zdeno Chara.

When was Cosmic Interception created?

Cosmic Interception was created in 1994.

Interception in endzone?

According to NFL rules if a player makes an interception in the endzone and is ruled down the team that made the interception gets the ball on there own 20.

Can you gave me a sentence using interception?

The interception of the enemy aircraft was a success!

What is the duration of A Timely Interception?

The duration of A Timely Interception is 1020.0 seconds.

What is the setting ouff from the rest so it stands out?


What is the difference between a fumble and an interception?

an interception is when you steal the ball but a fumble is when you drop it

What is the difference between a fumble and a interception?

an interception is when you steal the ball but a fumble is when you drop it

When was A Timely Interception created?

A Timely Interception was created on 1913-06-07.

What is interception in geography?

water collects on plant leaves by interception and drip off or moves by stem flow onto soil, this process in hydrological system is called interception.

Who has the longest interception return history?

Vanderbilt's Archibald Barnes had a 100 yard interception.

Can you give me a sentence using the word interception?

The linebacker had a great interception last night,

How do you spell interception?

That is the correct spelling for "interception" (caught or picked up while in transit).

What is the meaning of interception in geography?

Interception is when tree's/leaves/greenery ect. stop the water from reaching the ground!