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Disbanding the league of nations

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Q: After World War 1 what did Americans want to do to avoid future wars?
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What was the future of America according to senator beveridge?

What was the future of America, according to Senator Beveridge? How did he want Americans to protect this future?

Why did British officials want to slow migration out of cities?

to avoid conflicts with the native americans

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A good future du!

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To avoid an invasion of Japan

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You need to specify what "this" is if you want to make it possible to answer your question.

What did most Americans want the US to do after World War I?

Americans wanted to withdraw into an isolationist position.

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On reason we would all want to predict the future is that by being forewarned we can do something we otherwise would not have done, and thereby avoid harm or achieve good fortune. Of course the very fact that we would do anything differently means that no one can predict the future.

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He didn't want native Americans on his land. He also thought that everyone should be able to vote

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Because Americans does not want to change. They want the world to adjust after them not the other way around.

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mariah norriss

Why did many Americans want to stay out of World War 2?

Because they could

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Why did Americans not want to enter World War 2?

the Americans didn't want to be in World War 2 because they had already been in a world war. World war 1. World War 1already cost billions of dollars. The Americas were forced to enter World War 2 because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

Why were American efforts to avoid getting into another war unsuccessful?

because american efforts is -------- I can't tell my answer because I don't want hurt americans

After world war 1 the general feeling of the most Americans was?

After World War 1, the general feeling of most Americans was that they wanted peace and didn't want to go to war again. This was the reason Americans favored the League of Nations.

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What did Andrew Jackson say about their hopes for the future Of the US?

He didn't want native Americans on his land. He also thought that everyone should be able to vote.

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Why did the Americans want to return to normal times after world war 1?

they were tired of reform and war

Did Americans avoid long term alliances with European countries?

When George Washington was President he did not want any long-term alliances with other countries not just European.