Advantages and disadvantages of ipl

Updated: 12/23/2022
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The Indian Premier League has a number of advantages and disadvantages, with the first advantage being that the cricket game itself is incredibly popular within the region. The disadvantages are significantly less abundant than the advantages of this popular sport in India.

The IPL 20 match is able to provide entertainment to a huge amount of people in the country, and the world, in regards to hard hitting, quality fielding and some really impressive Bowling. With film stars and cheerleaders present, the game is a great place for people to meet and celebrate such a hugely popular sport.

Just one match of IPL sees huge stars from all over the world compete to win the game. Maximum 40 overs in every match is another advantage, but some may consider it a disadvantage - as they may have wanted to have seen the cricket match for the whole day. Generally, the game cannot be criticized. It is managed professionally, it sees huge stars from all over the world attending, it's fantastic for local economies and it brings the people of India together with a sport they all enjoy.

Much like football in Great Britain, this sport is cherished in India as one of the most enjoyable forms of sport, and one of the biggest and most profitable No doubt an influence from Great Britain during the commonwealth era, cricket is a sport that has gone from England and become famous across India, much like it has in Australia.

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Q: Advantages and disadvantages of ipl
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