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Jose Reyes and juan Pierre

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Q: Active MLB Players to have 50 steals 4 times?
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How many players in a baseball team on one side?

25 active players on a MLB roster.

Who are active players in MLB who wear the number 13?

Alex Rodriguez

Which high school has the most active MLB players?

Tustin High

How many active Cuban born players in MLB?


How manyplayers in baseball?

In the majors there are 750 active players during the regular season. Do the math 25 men in a roste times the 30 teams in the MLB = 750.

Which active MLB players lead their team in all time hits?

derek jeter

Who are the 3 active MLB players who have 80 plus postseason hits?

Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz

What are the countries of origin for active MLB players?

Most players are from America, but a ton come from Japan, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, a few from Venezuela and Mexico

How many people are in one baseball team?

MLB rules state that there can be 25 active players on a team, in September teams are allowed to expand their rosters to 40 players

What percent of MLB players chew?

85% of MLB Players chew.

Are Major League Baseball players on active roster but not playing Major League Baseball still get the minimum salary?

Yes, players on an MLB active roster must get at least the Major League minimum salary, whether or not they play.

How many attempted steals of home occurred in MLB in 2006?