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Serving, or service.

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Q: Act of putting the ball in play by standing behind the back line and hitting it over the net with an overhand or underhand motion?
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What is a spin serve in volleyball?

I think you are refering to a Top Spin serve. This can either be a type of Jump serve or normal overhand serve where you snap your wrist. Putting a spin on the Ball

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Putting the ball back in there stance, putting there feet a little closer together and haveing a very steep swing plane (very upright and hitting down on the ball to sweep underneath it).

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There is lots of different ways but a good way is to stand sideways and holding the ball about to your belly button and putting your hitting arm up. Your opposite food is in front of the other.

What is bunt in softball?

It's an offensive option of putting the ball in play. The bunt is done by standing squarely toward the pitcher holding the barrel along with the handle parallel to the ground. The batter just taps the ball with an objective of just putting the ball just in front of her.

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How is a blocked used?

a block is used by 1 or 2 girls jumpbing up at the same time the hitter is hitting the ball and putting their hands up to block it so it wont go over the net

Is advancing a runner buy hitting a flyball or putting the ball in play considered a time at bat?

It is not considered an at bat if it is a fly ball to the outfield or a bunted sacrifice. If it is a ground out and runners advance it is a time at bat.

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