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There is no way for a team to win 1-0. In the NFL, if a team forfeits, the opponent is declared the winner by a score of 2-0.

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Q: According to NFL rules can a team win a game by the score of one to nothing?
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What does the badminton umpire do?

Keeps score - and enforces the rules of the game.

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What is the score of a forfeited game in soccer?

Usually, a forfeited game renders a score of 2-0, but sometimes, 3-0, 5-0, and 1-0 are recorded, depending on the rules of the league or competition. The Laws of the Game do not require a specific score amount.

What is the score of a forfeited football international game?

Answer Forfeited Games2005 NCAA rules: ARTICLE 2. The score of a forfeited game, or a suspended game that laterresults in a forfeiture, shall be: Offended Team-1, Opponent-0. If theoffended team is ahead at the time of forfeit, the score stands (Rules 3-3-3-a and b, and Rules 9-2-3-a and b).How about High School Games? 2-0

What does a ref in rugby do?

Maintain order on the pitch, Enforce the rules of the game and make decisions on score making

What is the highest score that Ultimate frisbee should go to?

Official rules day first one to score 13, unless you have a cap (time limit) on the game.

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Athletes may score points based on the rules of the game. Example like football were players have to score by getting the ball to the opponents end zone with passion of the ball.

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It depends on what game you mean - football, soccer, basketball? Generally speaking, to score in any game, you first need to know the rules of that game. Second, you need to practice a lot. And third, watch how others score points and use their tricks and approaches; mimic their moves.

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Scoring 5 touchdowns in a game means nothing. People who have scored no touchdowns in a game have gone to college.

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after the game is finished you have to click on submit score or send score and if the game is not over yet and you want to quit the game and submit the score how it is then you click end game then send score or submit score.

What does be honest mean in games?

not to cheat or lie in the game...and play it according to rules..

Could an NFL team win a game one to nothing?

No, the lowest score possible would be 2-0

In bowling what is the score to a perfect game?

A perfect score is a "300" game.

What is the use of rules in the game?

rules are the point of the game

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it can be any score

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Because the umpire is in charge of the match. He decides which free kicks are paid and what happens when the rules are broken. If the umpire doesn't know all the rules, the game isn't run according to the rules and therefore isn't a proper game of Australian Rules.

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The game was made up of two fifteen mintue halves, with five minutes of rest in between according to Naismiths original rules.

Parcheesi can two players occupie the same safety space?

No, this is illegal according to the game rules.

In baseball in case of a tied game what are the rules to determine the winner?

If at the end of 9 innings the score is tied, the game moves into "extra innings". The ruling is that it is played like all the rest of the game, and at the end of the inning, the team who is now winning wins the game, but if the score is still tied then an additional inning is played..ect.

What is the score system on Pokemon diamond for?

It serves as nothing more than a numeric value denoting achievement in the game, basically its a record of how much you've done in the game.

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