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Q: Access to the torch was closed in what year?
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When was the statue of liberty torch closed for the final time?


Every year do you use the same torch?

No because this year its red and last year the torch was blue.

How can you access bank account if closed?

You cannot access a closed bank account. Only the bank and the law enforcement authorities of a country have access to closed bank accounts.

When was the Statue of Liberty torch closed to the public after its 1957 opening?

The torch has been closed to the public since the Black Tom explosion incident on July 30, 1916. Black Tom was munitions depot near Liberty Island.

What year did a new torch on the statue of liberty replace the oringinal torch?


What year did Greece light the Olympic torch?

They first lighted the torch at Olympia in 776Bc

Where will the Olympic torch be led through?

this year the Olympic torch will be led through Dundee

What are the release dates for Open Access - 2004 Closed Access 5-4?

Open Access - 2004 Closed Access 5-4 was released on: USA: 16 April 2008

Can you climb into the statue of liberty's torch?

No, it was closed long ago. It will never reopen. Though, I don't know why.

What people are carrying the Olympic torch this year?


Where did they light the olympic torch this year?


Can you enter the torch of the Statue of Liberty?

No, it has been blocked from public access for many decades.