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Q: About how long did Michael Phelps train for the 2008 summer Olympics?
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How did Michael Phelps train for the Olympics?

Michael Phelps trained evry day and ate lots for breakfast so he could have lots of proteine and stay in shape.

How many hours a day does Michael Phelps train for the Olympics in one day?

8-12 hours.

How long did Michael Phelps train to get into the Olympics?

He's been swimming since he was three but he has been non stop training for the Olympics since 2000. That was four years before the Olympics in Athens. So technically Michael Phelps has been training eight straight years for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

How long did Michael Phelps train during the Olympics?

during the Olympics he was probably on taper so the extent of his workouts would be an early morning warm up swim to stretch out.

How much does Michael Phelps train?

a lot!

How long does Michael Phelps train for?

2 hours

What did Michael Phelps study?

In U of M he took classes in Sports Marketing and Management..i dont think he graduated though ...probably because he had to train for the 2008 Olympics

What is Michael Phelps new book called?

How to train with a T. Rex and win 8 gold medals. By Michael Phelps.

Where did Michael Phelps train?

he trained in michigan for several years

Did Michael Phelps train in Mexico?

if your so bloody stupid to even ask this question NO!

Did Michael Phelps ever train with a coach?

Yes, he trains with his coach, Bob Bowman

How often does Michael Phelps train?

he trains every day for 5 hours a day

Where does Michael Phelps train?

I know he occasionally at least trains at Loyola University Maryland's Fitness and Aquatic Center.

Where does Michael Phelps train in the US?

he actually went to Michigan and trained there but now he is going to train back in Baltimore where he is from. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

How long do you have to train for Olympics?

People in olympics train 40 hours a week

Where does Micheal phelps train?

Club Wolverine

How long do you have to train for the Olympics?

They have to train 3 years because the Olympics are every 4 years.

How long do athletes train for?

Mostly for as long as they can until the summer Olympics start.Maybe a year or so. C.kunalan trained for a few months!

How long do Olympians train for fencing in the Olympics?

It could be said that the Olympics are what fencers train for all their lives. However, they will train specifically for the Olympics as soon as they are officially on the team- about a year to a year and a half beforehand.

What is Michael Phelps' Chest Size?

Michael phelps is a olympic legend and has broken 39 world records and has 8 olympic gold medals. His body proportions: Feet:14 Height:6"4 Arm span:6"7 Bicep size:15 inches Chest size:51 inches Michael phelps has hyperextended all his joints and muscles for better flexibilty and thats how he uses less movement in stroke to gain a higher speed. But michael phelps is a born swimmer with huge hands and feet so he is a perfect swimming organism. But in 2011 fina swimming championships michael phelps lost his 200m medley and other swimming events/styles to Ryan Lochte a 6"2 american who is the worlds fastest swimmer and broke the world record which was held by michael phelps whislt wearing the banned suit (increased speed and times). So proportions mean nothing its how hard you train and dedication to the sport.

Where do most of the athletes for the Olympics train?

Most of the athletes train in their prospective countries. 70% of athletes in the 2012 Olympics trained in the USA. The rest train in the country they were born in.

How do Olympic athletes train for the Olympics?

they have prsonal trainers to train them

How did people prepare for the Olympics?


How did people train for the Olympics?


How old do you have to be to train for the Olympics?

You can be any age you want as long as you train HARD.