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Q: A third of unintentional accidental deaths and injuries take place where?
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What happened at Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill?

Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill are the same thing. Breed's Hill is famous for the "Battle of Bunker Hill" that happened during the American Revolutionary War. The casualties for the 13 colonies were 115 deaths, 305 injuries, and 30 captured. For England, they had 226 deaths(19 of them were officers), 828 injuries. In the end, the English won, but with the amount of deaths and injuries the English had the colonies thought of it as a victory.

Was there a wagon train massacre near Apache Pass?

in February 1861, the Bascom Affair took place. A wagon train was ambushed by the Apache Indians. There were several deaths and injuries.

What were the order of deaths in the westing game?

All the deaths takes place at the end of the book. Please read book for answer.

What famous deaths took place in the 1920's?

harry houdini!

What place had the most civilian deaths during WW 2?

Witout question- Russia. It was estimated that civilian deaths exceeded 10 million.

Where can I get information on running injuries? is a good place for information regarding running injuries. Injuries from running may include ankle sprains, turf toe, and a knee strain. Serious injuries from running are uncommon but a ruptured Achilles tendon or stress fracture can result.

How many people die sledding a year?

About 22,870 people receive fatal head injuries while sledding each year. 2,000 die, and 85% of the injuries/deaths are children under 18. This post is dedicated to my friend Ian who died last year in a sledding accident. His parents are fighting so that there is a law in place that says, that children under 18 need to wear helmets while sledding...

Gun deaths by leaglly owned firearms?

There is no one place that has the information you want.

What took place in Rwanda that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people?


Where does one go with serious injuries?

With a serious injury the best place to go would be an emergency room. Emergency rooms have the best treatment options available for serious injuries.

What percentage of deaths occur at home vs in the hospital vs nursing care facilities?

In the United States, about a third of deaths occur in hospitals. It seems around 20% die in nursing homes. This would place approximately half of U.S. deaths in other places. "32 percent of all deaths in the U.S. in 2007 occurred in the hospital.... Among the elderly, 31 percent of deaths occurred in the hospital, while 34 percent of nonelderly deaths took place in the hospital." "Twenty percent of deaths in the United States occur in nursing homes..."

Ware did the most deaths take place In World War 2?

In China and the Soviet Union.