A sunny shower won't last an hour?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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you got that right.

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Q: A sunny shower won't last an hour?
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What does sunny shower wont last an hour mean?

A rain shower while the sun is shining will only last a few minutes.

What does the saying a sunny shower wont last an hour?

The amount of moisture shining through the clouds gives you a sign that the clouds aren't too full or water

What is the difference between a shower curtain and a shower liner?

a shower curtain goes on the outside and a shower liner goes on the inside so the shower curtain wont get wet

Do birds shower?

no they only go to waterfalls or in lakes to shower but we all know that if a bird goes in water its wings will get wet and it wont be able to fly

Can taking to hot of a shower cook your insides?

If it's 200 degrees! Your heater wont go that hot. Trust me.

Rgd dfds dsfds?

yes very much so he plays softball and wont shower with his lady friend.

Can mold grow on humans?

yes not normally but if so they wont know and they will get sick that's why people shower everyday

My shower is backed up from the septic tank and the toilet wont flush properly?

Yes that is normally the problem with a blockage

Is it okay for a 13 year old boy and girl to shower together?

No its better if you wait when your married Yes if they wont to.

Will he last in his rebound relationship if he really loves me?

no his relationship wont last!

Can you add an extra shower head to your shower just by cutting a tee into the shower head riser or will you lose pressure to both heads?

Yes, you can install a tee in the riser. The pressure loss will be minimal since both shower heads will have a flow restrictor unless you remove them. If you remove them, you probably wont notice any difference. If you do notice a difference, put the flow restrictor back in the closest shower head to the shower valve.

Why do you feel cold after coming out of the shower?

If you use tapwater, you may feel cold but if you use a heater, you wont feel cold.