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a sport in which two people fight each other

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Was Roman sport cruel?

Yes!!!!!!!!!! people(christians or heretics) were used as bait for hungry animals that would eat them and were supposed to fight each other to the death.

Why do dogs and wolves fight each other when they are from the same family?

dogs and dogs fight each other all the time and there the exact same species its usually because they feel threatened or they just don't like each other people fight people and we are the same

What is a fight?

a fight is somethin with punches and when both people are going all out on each other.

Why did Mayan cities fight each other?

Cause of you people.

Why people mean to each another?

There are numerous reasons why people are mean to each other. The main reason is jealously. When people are jealous of each other they tend to fight.

Do grasshoppers fight each other?

yes they can fight each other

What does friends mean?

Friends are ppl who care for each other and fight there life for themโฃ๏ธ

Describe the sport of competitive swimming?

People swim and race each other

When people from the same country fight each other?

Civil War

How do people fight?

people start a fight by getting mad then using their hands and feet to hit, punch and kick each other.

Do girl betta fight each other?

NO female bettas do not fight each other

Do jaguars fight each other?

jaguars fight each other over food

What is the name of sport having indoor activity where two players use long swords to fight against each other?


In the case of war when people from the same country fight each other?


Do huskies fight when provoked?

With people, generally not. With each other they do whether or not in play.

When people of the same country fight against each other?

Civil War

What do you call the show were people jumped into robots and fight each other?


Why africans fight each other?

africans fight each other because they belive that they should

Do hamster siblings attack each other?

no because they like being with each other but might fight like people do sometimes.

What is difference between hockey and all other sports?

In Hockey, the players are allowed to fight and beat each other ip. Its part of the game. No other sport allows any of that.

Is fencing considered a combat sport?

A combat sport is a competitive contact sport where two combatants fight against each other using certain rules of engagement, in order to simulate actual combat. So yes, fencing is a combat sport.

Why people con the cold war?

Cold War means people (countries/nations) were NOT shooting at each other; no one was dying. They just looked at each other and were looking for an excuse to fight each other.

What bird is trained to kill?

A Falcon. Most breeds of raptors can be trained to hunt for people - hawks, falcons. Also, roosters are trained to fight each other and sometimes kill for sport in parts of the world.

Do velociraptors fight each other?

Yes, there is evidence the velociraptors did fight each other, sometimes to the death.

How do you make sim people to fight?

You have to make them really mad at each other, and then will you click on one of the sims, it has an option to fight, its looks like this-- "Fight!"