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Q: A soccer ball takes 20 sec to roll 10 meters What is the average speed of the soccer ball?
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A runner takes 4 minute to run 1500 meters. What is his average speed in meters minute?

375 meters/per minute

What is the average speed if it takes you 5 hrs to jog 4000 meters?

average speed = change in displacement / change in time Speedaverage = 4000m / 5hr

If it takes you 1 minute to run 340 meters what is your average speed?

340 meters per minute. (This speed seems too high for any person or animal actually to run.)

What is the average speed of a girl who takes 20 seconds to run 100 meters?

speed = distance/time = 100 m / 20 sec = 5 metres per second.

A mail truck takes 20 seconds to move between mailboxes that are 10 m apart What is the average speed of the mail truck?

If a mail truck takes 20 seconds to move 10 meters then the truck averages a speed of 30 meters per minute. This speed is equal to 1.8 kilometers per hour.

What is average speed if 8km and takes 2 hours?

Average speed = 4 km/hr

It takes 6 s for a stone to fall to the bottom of a mine shaft. How deep is the shaft?

Ignoring air resistance, or bouncing off the sides of the shaft on the way down ...-- Speed when you let it go = 0-- Speed after 6 seconds = 6 G = 58.84 meters per second-- Average speed = 1/2 (0 + 58.84) = 29.42 meters per second-- In 6 seconds, at an average speed of 29.42 meters per second,it fell 176.5 meters.

What does average speed mean?

The Average Speed means the total distance the object travels and the overall time it takes.

When running it takes you0.91 seconds to go 10 meters how fast in miles per hour are you going?

Your average speed is about 11 miles per hour.

How can you find the average speed of a pedestrian?

For the speed of a single pedestrian, measure the time it takes him/her to walk a set distance (for example 10 meters) and divide the distance by the time. For the average speed of a pedestrian find a large number of people and measure the speed of each person and find the average by summing all the speeds and dividing by the number of people who took the test.

What is the acceleration if the speed is increased to 8 meters per second?

Not enough information. You also need to know:* The initial speed * How long it takes to speed up If you divide the difference in speed by the time it takes to speed up, you get the average acceleration for that time period.

How is average speed different from instantaneous speed?

The average speed is the speed that it takes to travel a certain distance in a certain time. Average speed is determined by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken to get there. Instantaneous speed is a certain speed at any given time.

What is the avrerage speed of a marble that takes six seconds to roll 30 m across a gynasium floor?

The average speed is exactly 30 meters per 6 seconds. Expressed in some other units . . . -- 300 meters/minute -- 18 kilometers/hour -- 5 meters/second -- 0.005 millimeters/microsecond

If it takes Ashley 3 seconds to run from the batters box to first baser at an average speed velocity of 6.5 meters per secondwhat is the distance she covers in that time?


How long does it takes an average person to swim 2000 meters?

1 hour

What the definition average speed?

Average speed is the distance something covers divided by the amount of time it takes to cover that distance. This calculates the speed of the object overall as it is moving.

How long does it take an average adult to walk 24 meters?

It takes an average adult 1 minute 10seconds to walk 24metresThis depends on the speed an avaerage adult walks. It can also depend on the adults hieght and weight.

If a soccer ball takes 20 s to roll 10 m what is the average speed of the ball?

velocity is distance divided by time. (miles per hour, feet per sec, etc.) so the average speed of the ball is 10m/20s or .5 m/s

What is the average speed of a spider that takes 100 seconds to travel 2 meters?

2 metres in 100 seconds = 200 centimetres in 100 seconds = 2 cm per second.

What is mesured in distance and time?

That would be Speed. Speed is the distance you are going divided by the time it takes. This will calculate the average speed you were traveling.

The distance traveled by an object divided by the time it takes that distance is called?

It is called speed Speed = Distance/Time

What is the average speed of a car that takes 4 hours to travel 240 miles?

Average Speed = distance/time = 240/4 = 60 mph

Average speed is difined as the time it takes for trip divided by the distance?

Not quite. Flip it. Average speed = (distance traveled) divided by the (time for the distance).

Is it easier to calculate speed or average speed?

I'm sure that average speed would be easier to calculate than instantaneous speed. To calculate average speed, just take the time that it takes to travel between two points, and divide that into the distance between the points.

Does the UK have speed checker signs for the road?

Yes, the UK does have speed checker signs for the road. This is indicated by what is called the Average Speed Checker. This device takes the average speed of the driver and determines whether or not the person is speeding or not.