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That would depend on the velocity of the soccer ball not at rest.

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Q: A soccer ball collides with another soccer ball at rest The total momentum of the balls?
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When 2 balls collide the momentum of the balls after the collision is explained by?

Conservation of momentum.

What happens to all the momentum when two billiard balls?

The momentum stays the same.

A 3 kg ball moving to the right at 1.4 m-s collides inelastically with a 2 kg ball at rest What will the velocity of the combined balls be after the collision?

It appears from the question that the balls stick together after the collision. Linear momentum is conserved. The linear momentum is the total of the product of mass and velocity for each of the balls. The linear momentum before is (1.4 x 3) + (0 x 2) = 4.2 kgms-1. The linear momentum after is v x (3 + 2) = 4.2kgms-1, since we know it is conserved. Hence, v = 4.2 / 5 = 0.84ms-1, in the same direction of travel as the 3kg ball was originally moving.

Why does between two soccer balls kicked by two players with different forces one that travels faster is harder to stop?

If one soccer ball is traveling faster than another identical ball, then it has more kinetic energy ... which you have to absorb in order stop it ... and more momentum ... which you have to supply in the opposite direction in order to stop it.

What happens to all the momentum when two billiard balls collide.?

The momentum stays the same.

Do helium soccer balls give more exercise than normal soccer balls?


When two billiard balls collide the total change in momentum is what?

Billiard balls collide quite elastically. Ideally, the total change in momentum is zero.

What a soccer ball is used for?

A soccer ball is used to play soccer. Adidas, Puma and Nike make soccer balls. The best soccer balls are FIFA approved.

How many moles of a soccer ball does it take to cover the whole world?

there are over 10,000,000 soccer balls in the entire world

When two pool balls collide and move away from each other why do they eventually stop?

momentum and inertia EDIT: friction between the surface of the pool table and the pool balls causes the balls to lose their momentum.

Where is monterry soccer?

In my balls

What is the patent number for a soccer ball?

Soccer balls as a concept are not patented; there are dozens of patents for specific designs, makeups, and improvements to soccer balls and their manufacture.