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Grand Valira in Andorra. 200 km of piste.

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Q: A skiing area between France and Spain?
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What is a bay between France and Spain and a weather forecasting area?

the bay of Biscay

Where can you go skiing in France?

The main skiing area in France is the Alps. But there are also ski areas in other French mountain ranges, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, the Jura (nordic skiing in particular) and the Vosges.

Put these countries in order starting with the smallest Peru Japan France Spain?

Area: Japan, Spain, France, Peru Population: Peru, Spain, France, Japan

Does Andorra form the border between Spain and France?

Spain and France have a common border. Along PART of that border is the tiny country of Andorra. On the north side of Andorra is France and on the south side is Spain. A border is a line between one country and another. A line has neither width nor area. Andorra has width, length, and area so it can't be a border, or form part of a border.

Which country covers more area France or Spain?

France is the largest country in the European Union, and is larger than Spain. France (mainland): 551.000 km2 vs 504.782 km2 for Spain.

What are the largest countries in Western Europe?

France, Spain, Germany. (in area)

Were Spain and France allies in the 1500s?

In 1500, Louis XII of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon reached an agreement about the division of Naples. They fought together to seek control of the area, but this caused a dispute between the two countries that led to war. The relationship between France and Spain continued to be characterized as constantly changing during the 1500s.

What are the 3 Largest countries in Western Europe?

France, Spain, Germany. (in area)

What area has a high elevation and separates Spain form France?

The Pyrenees mountains.

Is Spain a small or big country?

Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe. Spain hsa 194,878 square miles of territory. Only France is larger. If you compared Spain to US states you would find it falls between Texas and California in area.

Is France mountainous?

Generally no, although part of the eastern side has some of the alps and some of the Pyrenees are in the south of France, on the border between France and Spain. An area known in France as the massif central is near the middle but is only high ground, not a mountain range.

Where do basques people live?

The Basque Country, an area in NE Spain and SW France.

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