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Q: A rolling billiard ball collides with another billiard ball The first billiard ball defined as the system stops rolling after the collision Is this heat or work?
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Interface can be defined inside another class?

yes ,interface can be defined inside another class

How does the mass of an object affect the force it applies during a collision?

The affect of force on the object during collision is described by a quantity called momentum. It is defined as p = mv where = p is momentum, m = mass of the object and v is velocity.

What is oblique collisions?

I believe that means that the collision is not head-on, but somehow sideways. I guess this can be defined more precisely in terms of the objects' centers of mass.

What is another word that can be defined as reading?

Perusal , perusing ,

Is defined as an important relationship you have with another person?


What can be defined as a material that another material is dissolved in?


What is a class defined within a class?

A class defined within another class is known as in inner class.

What is the difference between collusion and collision?

The word collusion is defined as a group of people agreeing to do something or agreeing to a certain outcome in secret. This is usually for something illegal. The term collision means, an encounter between two objects involved in an exchange of energy. For example, two cars involved in a car accident is often called a collision.

Friction is defined as?

Friction is defined as a state of conflict between people. Also is defined as effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

Which term is defined as land that is ruled by another country?

A Colony.

If you have no collison coverage but do have comprehensive how much will you be paid if you owe money on the car and the accident was due to icy roads?

I would guess NOTHING. I'm assuming it was a collision with something, even if only a snowbank, that caused the damage. Comprehensive is often defined as "other than collision".

How can communication be defined?

communication can be defined as the process in which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people or communication can be defined as the transfer of understandable information from one person to another.

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