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Q: A professional game is made up of four of these?
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A professional basketball game is made up of four of these?

A professional basketball game is made up of 4 quarters.

In basketball a professional game is made up of four of these?


A professional basketball game is made up of 4 of these?


How many breaks are in a game that is made up of four quarters?

The game consists of four quarters of 10 minutes each, with a 15-minute break at half-time.

How many breaks are there in a game that is made up of four quarters?

4 one in each quarter

What game did the children makeup in chapter four of To Kill a Mockingbird?

They made up a game called " boo Radley".

How do you get mew four in Pokemon platinum?

Mew Four Doesn't Exist In The Pokemon Game Series At All. It's Probably A Made Up Pokemon.

How long is a national football league game?

The game is made up of four 15 minute quarters, but with timeouts and clock stoppings the game usually spans about 3 hours.

How many breaks are there in basketball game that is made up four quarters?

4 and 4 time out for each half

How early should you show up for a professional football game?

About one hour.

Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

What compound is made up of four elements?

The compound urea is made up of four elements-nitrogen , hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. The formula for urea is NH2CONH2 .

How do you get the prl 412 in Resident Evil 4?

Complete the game in Professional (Pro) mode and it will be offered to you for free. Remember to save the cleared (completed) game. You'll see it in your briefcase (takes up lots of room) when you load a new game from a cleared game in Professional mode. xD

What is a quadrilateral made up of?

A quadrilateral is made of four straight sides.

How do you add up scores when you have made a game on power point?

There is no system for adding up the scores in Power point. It is not made for game creation.

Of what four things are bones made?

Bones are made up of these four things;minerals, protein, water and living matter.

What console was the game We Sing released for?

The game We Sing was released for the Wii console in 2009. The We Sing game allows for up to four players singing at the same time with four different microphones.

How can you play with up to four players in the ps2?

The PS2 would need a four person game and 4 controllers

What closed figure makes up four equal angles?

what closed figure made up of four equal angles could be a

Is Sonic the Hedgehog game made up or real?

It is a video game.

What is made up of four quadrants?

It is the Cartesian plane or coordinated grid

How many angles a square is made up of?

Four (4) angles and four (4) sides.

What do you have to do to beat The Godfather game?

To finish the game, you have to blow up the HQ's of the four enemy familes. Hoped this helped!!

What was Sparta and Athens made up of?

athens was made up of four social classes. aristocrats,citizens,metics and slaves.

What is dirt made of?

dirt is made up of disintegrated rock and humus Dirt is made up of four things. They are humus, clays, stones, and sand.

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