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no that is not aloud you have to pick from the 5 you have on the court when the technical foul happens

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Q: A player is on the bench when a technical foul is called on the opposing coach. Can this player be entered into a high school game to shoot the technical foul shot?
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If a player is dribbling the ball and gets fouled then he commits a technical foul what happens?

The opposing team shoots the technical foul free throw, then the player does whatever he would have done after he was fouled - either inbound the ball, or if the opposing team is in the penalty, shoot two free throws. Committing a technical foul does not nullify or offset the original foul.

What is a double technical foul in college basketball?

A double Technical foul in college basketball is when a player either gets two technicals at a time or a player and another person on the team (either coach or player) gets a technical at the same time. The opposing team gets to shoot 4 consecutive shots and gets the ball back.

What foul can be called on a player for bad conduct in basketball?

A Technical Foul

Is it a foul to shout at an opposing player in basketball?

It depends. If you were to harrass the player then that would be a technical foul. But if you are just yelling shot as they are shooting, or ball ball then no it would not be a foul

Can a player come off the bench to shoot technical foul shots?

Yes, but only in a very specialized instance. Only when a double technical is called and it is the second technical foul for one of the offenders. In this case, the player with the second technical foul is ejected and both teams will shoot free throws, which is not normally the case with double technical fouls. The team without an ejected player may choose their own shooter, however, the other team can select any player on the opposing team to shoot in the place of the ejected player. This is effectively the only time a player will come off the bench to shoot free throws. The only other instance this is a possibility is when a player is injured and must leave the floor prior to technical free throws being taken.

How many seconds is an offensive player allowed to stay in lane before a lane violation is called?

You're only allowed 3 seconds in the lane otherwise the opposing team shoots 1 technical foul shot and gets the ball after.

This type of foul can be called on a player for bad conduct?


What is it called when a soccer player scores a goal for the other team?

When you score a goal for the opposing team it is called a home goal

What is a man to man in basketball?

Man-to-man is when each player on the floor is assigned to defend another player on the opposing team. when a player is in man coverage they stay on the opposing player no matter what, like glue. no matter where the opposing player goes they have to go with him.

How do I find technical support on using my Sansa MP3 player?

To find technical support on using a Sansa MP3 player you can go on the internet and go to a website called and contact support. You can also go to a website called they offer live technical support.

What kind of foul can be called on a player in basketball with bad conduct?

Technical Foul

What basketball term means to position oneself between the basket and an opposing player to get a rebound?

This is called a box out. This is done without using the hands, as that would be a foul. The person uses their rear to back the opposing player up in order to get the rebound.

When a second technical is called on a bench does the head basketball coach or the assistant get booted?

The head coach is the leader of the bench. If a technical gets called on the bench in general as opposed to a specific player or coach on the bench, the technical goes to the head coach.

What is a technical violation in basketball?

A technical foul are most called when a basketball player starts playing rough. For example, if someone fouls a player on purpose like pulling him down using his arms. These are called "flagrant fouls" they result in free throws. Or arguing with the referee. Swing your fist at another player or even your own team mates. Both coaches and players can get technical fouls.

Can a player be offside if the ball is played to him by the opposing team?

If the ball is literally PLAYED to the player by the opposition, then no, he cannot be offside. However, if the ball takes a deflection off the opposing player, then the player must be ONSIDE when his team mate plays the ball, regardless of his position when it hits the opposing player.

What is it called when a player touches the ball with their hand inside of their penalty area?

It is called handling. If it was deliberate handling, and the player was not the goal keeper, then play would be stopped and restarted with a penalty kick for the opposing team.

What is it when a player dribbles the basketball with two hands at the same time?

This would be called a double dribble, and the opposing team would get possession of the ball

In which sport is a point score by the server when an opposing player allows the shuttlecock to hit the surface?

In Badminton, a point is scored by the server when an opposing player allows the shuttlecock to hit the playing surface.

When a runner steals second makes contact with bag then told by opposing player it was foul when it was not and he runs back to first and is thrown out?

The runner is out. If there is any question, the player should ask the umpire or his coach, not an opposing player.

In which sport is a point score by the server when an opposing player allows the shuttlecock to hit the playing surface?

In Badminton, a point is scored by the server when an opposing player allows the shuttlecock to hit the playing surface.

Do you have team in Medal of Honor game?

yes.. in the multi player,one team is American and the other time is called opfor,which stands for opposing forces.

Can you tackle in soccer?

The closest thing to a rugby or football tackle in soccer is a shoulder charge where shoulder to shoulder contact is made. By the rules hip bumps and using arms, hands, or elbows are not permitted though some of this goes on without being called. Also a referee may elect to not call a foul if the team that is the victim of a foul still has possession of the ball especially while executing an attack. The term "tackle" in soccer refers to kicking the ball that is in possession of an opposing player. That player may or may not fall as a result. A successful tackle dispossesses the oppent of the ball by making contact with the ball first. It is still termed a tackle if there is no contact with the opposing player's foot and if the opposing player does not fall. Contact with the opposing player which causes that player to fall is generally permitted if contact is made with the ball first and if the tackle is not from behind the opposing player.

What is a feint in basketball?

A feints is when a player uses ball handling skills to fake a pass to another of his team members when surrounded by an opposing team defender. Feints are used to throw off direction and to trick your opposing team. Its not just passing that a player could feint (fake) a player could fake a jump shot and make a pass to less guarded team member etc. A player can feint anything! It helps to understand little technical vocab in basketball to understand. And basketball 'feinting' has nothing to do with collapsing on the ground ('fainting')

What is striping in football?

stripping is when a player causes a player on the opposing team to fumble the ball

Who is the most hated football player?

Basically any player on the opposing team! Cristiano Ronaldo isn't a favourite with opposing fans, but Robbie Savage has had a lot of abuse through out his career.