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Q: A player hits how many serves out or into the net in a double fault?
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In tennis if you hit the net on you second serve do you reserve?

If it hits the net and goes into the service box, you get one re-serve (as opposed to getting two re-serves if you do that on your first serve). If it hits the net and does not land in the service box, then it is a double fault.

Double fault in tennis?

A fault is a term in tennis for a serve that lands outside the service box or hits the nets and lands outside the service box. When this occurs on two consecutive serves, it is called a double fault and the server's opponent wins a point.

Is lawn tennis associated with the double fault?

No, not as long as the ball goes over the net and falls in the correct part of the court. You can have as many lets (essentially uncounted serves) as you want, although it is extremely rare to have more than one per service.

How come sometimes the tennis player gets to serve three erroneous serves and not double faulted?

If the server serves the ball and hits the top of the net, but the ball bounces over into the serve box, that is called a let. If that was their first serve, then they still have two tries left.

How do you solve problem when first serve hit the net?

it is a fault and they go on to second serve, on the same side. if a ball hits the top of the net and goes in, it is a let and if that was the first serve it is still first serve, same side, no score change. if the server double faults the other team gets the point, and if on the second serve someone serves a let, it is still second serve, not a fault

When a player serves the ball inside the court and it hits the floor without anyone touching the ball this is called?

It is called an Ace.

Double-double in basketball?

When a player hits double digits in two out of five categories during a game, this is called a double-double. If he hits double digits in three out of five categories is it called a triple-double. The categories are points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, and steals.

When a player serves the ball inside the court and it hits the floor without anyone touching the ball wthis is it called?

This is called an ace.

What is double in volleyball?

When one player hits the ball twice in a row, which is a illegal move.

How does badminton begging?

Badminton begins when a player hits the bird up in the air to determine a server. When it lands, the team it points to serves first.

Who is at fault when car 1 hits car 2 who hits a parked car 3?

Car 1 would be at fault as it was the initiator of the acident.

Definition for serve in volleyball?

a serve is when a player on a team is behind the white line and hits it over the net; make sure you don't foot fault :)