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Q: A play in which one player throws the the ball into the vicinity of the rim and a jumping teammate caches it and scores a basket in one motion?
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You cant find Cache on options?

Please ellaborate. Which cache are you looking for? Modern computers can have over a dozen different caches L1 and L2 CPU Caches Harddrives Caches Browser Caches DLL Caches DNS Caches etc.

Do all caches need a replacement policy?

not all caches need a replacement policy.

What geocaches can not hold a trackable?

The type of geocaches that are not able to hold a trackable are webcam caches, virtual caches and earth caches. This is because there is not an actual cache at the coordinates. You may also find physical caches that are not big enough for trackables, such as micro caches which are tiny, fingertip sized cylinders with nothing but a small paper log.

How do you unlock supply caches in Halo 3 odst?

You unlock caches graually as you find the audio logs throughout the city, 3 types of caches: mongeese, snipers, and rockets

How do you say where are you hiding in French?

"où est-ce que tu te caches ?" or "où te caches-tu ?" are French translations for "where are you hiding?"

Windows XP professional automatically caches a users credentials in the?


What is cache coherence and why is it necessary?

Cache coherence is a property of two or more caches mirroring the same shared resource. If all caches agree about the cached content, the caches are coherent. If (at least) one cache is changed the caches are incoherent until the changes are propagated to the other caches.Multiprocessing systems are the context where one will most likley come across the concept of cache coherence. In a shared memory multiprocessor, each processor has its own memory cache, so any change must be mirrored by all other caches, so that all processors see the same memory content. Should a processor happen to use an outdated value, the results are unpredictable. Or, if you like it better, the results are very predictably garbage.

When are the caches useful?

When you are in short supply of something you need. Or when you want something quickly and you know where to get it.

How does Algae eat?

they have claw like tips that caches its pray or what ever it needs to survive out in the ponds

How does a tree frog live in a tropical rianfroests?

by leaping from basically rock to rock and caches bugs with its mouth

What is the name of thememory cache that is shared by cores in a multi core processor?

Most modern (post-2000) CPUs used shared multi-level caches. The level of sharing a specific cache can vary by the design of the processor. For example, many CPUs will share Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 caches between all cores. In others (particularly those with many cores), Level 1 and possibly Level 2 caches may be shared only between a certain subset of cores. For example, in certain 16-core CPUs, the design breaks it into 8 sets of 2 cores - each pair shares a L1 cache (8 L1 caches total), with 2 pairs sharing a L2 cache (4 L2 caches total), and all cores sharing a single L3 cache.

Do current processors have L1 and L2 caches?

l1 is in motherboards l2 is on processor newer processor has l3 too