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A person who competes in ten athletic events is called a decathlete.

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Q: A person who can compete in ten athletic events us called a?
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What is a person who competes in 10 different athletic events called?

A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

How many religions will be in 2012 Olympics?

The Olympics are an athletic event, not a religious event. Any person who has a sufficiently good athletic ability can compete in the Olympics, no matter what religious belief that person may have. Olympic competitors are sponsored by their nation of origin, so nationality does get involved, but religion does not.

How do you make an athletic boy like a person that's not athletic?

pretend like you're athletic

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1. What is a sentence using the word athletic? 2. I am an athletic person. 3. You are not very athletic.

What is a person that works with bodies called?

A person that works with LIVE bodies could be a coach or an athletic trainer... a person that works with DEAD bodies could be a mortician or an embalmer.

Is Justin bieber an athletic person?

He is realy athletic in basket ball.

How do sports change a person?

It can change you because if you are not athletic or if you are athletic, it can either make you more athletic or can make you athletic if u already were'nt.

Who is a person that uses the power of her mind to understand natural events is called?

She would be called a psychic.

What are the events that are not in sequence because the person's thoughts are retrospective called?

its called a flashback hope this helps

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The person that will compete with Jonathan in the 2015 election is Aminu Tambuwal, from the People's Democratic Party.

What effect does processed food have on athletic person digestive system?

The processed food can cause damage to the lining of the digestive tract of an athletic person.

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A way to describe an athletic person is sports and physical activities generally come easy to them. They usually enjoy it too.