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Q: A modern-day long-distance race is named after which city-state?
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What city is called the home of the iditarod race?

The race is named after the town of Iditarod.

Was there a Race Horse named Mr Darcey?

yes, it was named after Darcey Bussell

What is the smallest race on earth?

The smallest race on earth is the smallect race in aroura. Love, A girl named Sophia yovan

Which city was named after a running race?

Marathon, Florida.

What race of Superman is ti named after?

Toby lol

Which race of humans is named after a mountain range?


Which race horse was named after the owner's home?


What is a race used as a noun?

A current government program to promote school excellence is named "Race to the Top".

Who owns a race horse named Orange Black and Gold?

You know i have never heard of a race horse named that! im pretty good with race horses. But when someone finds out they can edit this.... i guess. but im 98% positive there isn't one...

What part of Greece is the longest race in the Olympics named after?


What was the epsom oaks race named after?

Edward Stanley, twelfth Earl of Derby, suggested a race for fillies, to be run over a mile and a half at Epsom, and to be named the Oaks, after his estate near Epsom.

Was there a Nascar race named for Cal Ripken Jr?

Yes, there was a Nascar Winston Cup race named the MBNA-Cal Ripken Jr. 400 on September 23, 2001. The race was at Dover Downs International Speedway and it was won by Dale Earnhardt Jr.