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a Linear learne

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Q: A learner who likes plenty of details and facts and prefers step-by-step instructions is?
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What type of learner must reflect on information and prefers to study alone and in quiet area?


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Some people have different learning types. The main three are Visual, Tactile/Kinesthetic, and Auditory. If you are a visual learner, you usually use visual cues and understand better when reading or watching. Tactile/Kinesthetic learning works more with the sense of touch and prefers to do experiments, or simply excecute what is being taught. Auditory learners work with hearing, and prefer dictations, and listening to what people say. If you can determine what sort of learner you are, possibly using an online quiz, it will help you in creating notes and you will ultimately succeed. Here is a link to a good quiz to determine your learning style. It takes about 5 minutes but gives you details on how to study and learn.

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