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Q: A game played on an outdoor course with tees?
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Would your handicap be the same on the yellow tees as it would be on the white tees?

No. A true USGA handicap takes into consideration the tees being played. The slope rating and course rating which are used to calculate your handicap are different for each tee.

Whats the lower course of the river tees?

The mouth of the River Tees is at the North Sea. The lower course of the River Tees goes through Redcar near Middlesbrough.

What does it mean to 'play the tip' in golf?

Playing "from the tips" means to play the course at it's longest, i.e from the championship tees or back tees.

Are there any waterfalls on the river tees?

Yes. IN the upper course of the river.

What band played on the show iCarly?

The Plain White Tees

Which set of tees are played during golf pro-am?

During a Pro Am there are two sets of tees. Ones which the pros play off, these would be the tournament tees. The other set is the Amateur tees, from which the amateurs play off, these are usually quite far forward as much as 150 yards in front of the pro tees!

What is a common area on a golf course?

Tees, greens, faiways, bunkers, rough etc.

What do Tee marker colors represent?

They represent which club members should use this tee, for example, red tees ar for ladies, yellow for the men and at my course white tees are for competition only! this may vary from each course you go to in colour etc

Can a league make a rule to decide which tee boxes to use alternating between the men's tee box and the women's tee box?

A league can specify what ever combination tees it chooses. The downside may be in using these scores in your handicap. Most courses do not provides Course Ratings for both men and women from all of the tees. The course I play regularly has 4 sets of tees: Gold, Blue and White have Course Ratings of 70.8, 69.8 and 67.6 for men but they are not rated for women. The Women's TeesCourse Rating is 69.8, but there is no Rating for men from these tees.

How do Brush Tees improve your golf game?

Brush tees have special nylon bristles that are very flexible. This allows the ball to be hit with the least amount of resistance and deflection. These tees also stabilize the ball much better than a regular golf tee.

What was the name of the band that played on Icarly on the episode i rue the day?

the plain white tees

What tees should a 12 year old golfer play from?

I have my son play from the ladies tees but in tournaments they play about 50 yards up.