A form of skiing

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Freestyle- when you do jumps and rails.

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Q: A form of skiing
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Related questions

Skiing is a form of what?

skiing is a form of building your muscles

Is freestyle skiing the same as aerial skiing?

aerial skiing is one form of freestyle skiing. Moguls and aerials make up freestyle skiing

What of the following statements about skiing is not true?

downhill skiing is currently the only common form of the sport

Is skiing a noun?

It is a verb form, but it can be a verbal noun (gerund) for the act of skiing. "Skiing is a bit hard to learn."

What type of skiing is telemark skiing considered to be?

Telemark skiing is a form of downhill skiing with a special binding technique, only the boottoes are attached to the skies and the heels are free. When taking a turn you are able to go in a lunge position.

Is skiing growing as a sport?

Different areas of skiing are developing while others are decreasing. Freeride skiing is the newest form of skiing and is growing extensively. Ski racing, however is rapidly losing interest because it is so gay.

Can you ride a yak?

Yaks can be ridden, there is also a form of sport where Yaks are raced, there is Yak Polo and Yak skiing, Polo and Skiing mainly for the entertainment of tourists

What form of energy is used when skiing down a slope?

Potential energy is the energy of gravity.

What are different kinds of skiing?

There are two main parts of skiing which are sand skiing and snow skiing. classes include trick skiing and freestyle skiing.

Does water skiing make you lose weight?

yes it does because its a very good form of exercise

What are three types of skiing you could participate in?

Water skiing, Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, so on.

How do you spell skii?

The correct spelling is ski (on snow or water), with the gerund form skiing.

Is cross country skiing the same as skiing?

There are several types of skiing and one of them is cross-country skiing.

What is the difference between snow skiing and water skiing?

in water skiing you have a handle

What types of skiing are there in the Olympics?

Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Free-Style Skiing, Ski Jumping

How do you say skiing in spanish?

The skiing = el esqui skiing = esquiando

You can do this on snow or water?

you can go skiing.... snow skiing or water skiing

What is the phobia for skiing?

Chionophobia is the phobia of skiing/snow.

How is heli skiing different from other kinds of skiing?

The difference with Heli Skiing and normal Skiing is normal skiing you have chair lifts and lift lines. Whereas Heli skiing has a helicopter that takes you from the ground right up to the top

What is another name for back country skiing?

Back country skiing is where one hikes to the crest of a hill, and alpines down. A type of skiing similar to back country skiing is telemark skiing. Back country skiing has no synonyms.

What are two reasons cross country skiing is more popular then downhill skiing?

i didnt know cross country was more popular, but if it is i guess its because you dont need lifts, and also you dont need mountains, also many snowy countries like iceland, are flatter, and the population use cross country skiing as a form of transport.

Is nordic downhill skiing?

No, nordic skiing is same as cross-country skiing.

Is skiing deadly?

yes, people can die skiing. however, many skiing deaths are caused by irresponsibility, such as not wearing a helmet or skiing recklessly.

What is the difference between alpine skiing in Olympics and regular alpine skiing?

alpine skiing in the Olympics is a race and regular alpine skiing is recreational.

What is crosscontry skiing?

*Cross country* skiing is where you are skiing on flat terrain. It's much more work than skiing down a hill.