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Yes, it's possible to start at minimum 9 players. Some football game requires 8 players to start the game.

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Q: A football match can start with less than 11 players in a side?
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Can you start a match with less than 11 players?

Normally, you can. But it is up to the ref. You guys may have to forfeit if you are missing too many. But yes, you can play the game with less than 11 players.

Do football players with larger hands better at catching the football then football players with smaller hands?

Football ball players with larger hands, Larger hands means its less likely for the football to slip out, that and a strong group

Has anyone been sent off before a game started in football?

Yes. I, as a referee, have done this at least once. The catch is that the offender's team is allowed to start the match with the full eleven players. Their total roster, is shortened by one, resulting in one less substitute to chose from.

How many players does it take to play a soccer match?

The number of players it takes to play a soccer match depends on how many players you have to start with. However, for teams playing a normal 11 v. 11 game, there can be no more than 11 players on the field, and no less than 7 players. Sometimes, checking with the other coach is important to see if an agreement can be made about players. Keep in mind though, one player must always be designated as "goalie".

What is the main aim of football match?

The main aim of a football match is ofcourse to score goals and win the match. But playing the game is fair manner and playing it in a less physical and aggressive manner is also important.

What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball and what percentage of college players go on to professional ball?

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

How many players can play on Call of Duty Black Ops?

are you talking about in a multiplayer match, how many players can play in it? if so then it is 18 players max. (9 on each side) and less than 6 players means you play in pre-match until you get 6 players.

How many players are on offense in football on the field?

While football is being played, there are 11 offensive players on the field. Anything more would be a penalty, anything less would be.

How many players must a team have in soccer?

Each team starts a match with eleven players on each side. Each team is also allowed three substitutions (some lower levels don't follow this law). Though 11 players start the match, a team can end up using less players due to injuries after exhaustion of substitutions, or more commonly, due to red carded players.

Why rugby players get paid less than football players even though rugby is more dangerous?

Football (soccer) started as a pro game much sooner and has been marketed world wide

Do football player make the same anount of money?

the good players make more money the bad players make less money

What percentage of division 1 collegiate football players go pro?

Less than 2 percent of Division 1 college football players go pro. There are about 118 Division 1-A schools in the US.

Can you start a soccer game with less than 11 players?

In accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game you may not start a game with fewer than 7 players.

What are the responsibilities of a professional football player?

to be a role model to younger or less talented football players and they also have a dutie to play for their club and train when they they are asked

What percentage of college football players go pro?

Less than 1 percent for all divisions, but less than 4 percent for division 1A.

How many players in a volleyball team at the start?

There are always no more or no less than 6 players on the court at a time.

How has technology changed football?

football in the 1980's was less uhm athletic now in modern days sports officials have "Instant Replays" and all the players have improved training with timers and those things that shoot footballs.That all makes the players faster more athletic to make the game of football less run up the gut but pass and counters.

How many riders are paralized in motorcross?

Less than car drivers, maybe similar to football players!

How much money would the 1950 football players make a game?

Much less than they do now.

Who gets more money a surgen or a football player?

The answer is a football player makes more. A football player makes 23.1 million if they win the super bowl. And a surgeon makes 329,229 a year, less then 2% of a football salery. Ans#2 Of course, that presumes that the football player in the example is one of the few hundredths of a percentage of the total number of football players who actually makes it to the Super Bowl--and that you can disregard all of the football players who make less than minimum wage working for farm teams. The handful of professional football players who actually make an enviable amount of money from the sport pales in comparison to the number of surgeons who make 6-digit incomes or more. That SOME football players make more money than SOME surgeons does not mean that ALL football players make more money than ALL surgeons. The same holds for rock musicians, drug dealers, and actors. Consider also the working lifetime for a surgeon. You don't find many football players retiring after playing for 30 years.

Why do football players wear football pants that end above their knees?

For more mobility! More range of motion less constriction on the knees means more speed.

Why do football players wear gear?

To make injuries less likely to happen, although they can still happen quite easily.

Who gets paid more in south Africa rugby players or soccer players?

In South Africa Rugby Union Players are paid an average of four times that of Football players who in turn urn more or less the same as the Cricket Players before the IPL Cricket Tournament was formed.

How old is the oldest football?

There are hundreds of thousands of players, making it very difficult to track statistics on all of them. Some players, specially goalkeepers in less competitive leagues, play into their early 40s.

How do football players us a computer?

like any other person but less they probably have a family member do it because they are so lazy