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traveling the point guard can't move his pivot foot until the ball bounces

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Q: A floor violation when the ball handler takes too many steps without dribbling is called?
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What is it called a violation by a player with the ball who moves both feet without dribbling?

It is traveling

When you walk with the basketball it is considered a?

In basketball, if the player with the ball is moving (walking) without dribbling it is a violation called 'traveling'.

If you rebound your own air ball without the opposing team touching the ball what violation would it be What violation would it be called?

I think that would be considered traveling. You are advancing the ball without dribbling.

A violation by a player with the ball how moves both feet without dribbling?

its called a travel. You better not trying to be funny or sumfing cwunt

What is called when you move without dribbling the basketball?


When you take more than two steps without dribbling what is it called?

It is called traveling.

What is it called when a basketball player advances the ball to himself without dribbling?


What is dribbling the basketball with one hand called?

Since dribbling the basketball with TWO hands is called a foul, dribbling with ONE hand must be just dribbling. IS there a special name for one-handed dribbling?

In basketball what is the penalty called when you run with the ball in your hand?

Two steps or more without dribbling is called travelling

Is 216555 VC a moving violation?

21655.5 is not a moving violation. I called my insurance company and they said that this specific violation was "not chargeable." But, if the violation were 21655, without the .5 at the end, it would be.

A sentence for traveling in basketball?

the player took 3 steps without dribbling so the ref called a travel

What is handler of a dog called?

a dog handler

What is it called when you bounce a basketball?

its called dribbling.

In hockey running with the ball is called?


Are you allowed to stop dribbling and start again?

The short answer is no. You may only start dribbling again once you have stopped if you either pass the ball to a teammate and then get it back, or have the ball removed from your possession by a member of the opposite team before recovering it. Simply dribbling, stopping, and then dribbling again is called "Double Dribbling" and results in a turnover.

Running with the ball in basketball is called?

If a ball-handler takes three or more steps without a dribble, this is called a Traveling Violation and results in the other team receiving possession of the ball. Traveling is one of the most common calls in the game of basketball, but is the main source of criticism for NBA officials. This is because many people say that there is no such thing as traveling in the NBA since it is never called, even in the most obvious of times.

What is basketball handling?

Basketball handling is also called dribbling. But handling is more than that. Its about the skill of dribbling. Like cross-overs, spiders etc. To make this less confusing its basically fancy dribbling.

Moving the ball in control with your feet is called?

its called dribbling

What is following called when it is a violation of the right to privacy?

The police tap the phone of a suspected criminal without a warrant.

If a player dribbles down the court and then stops dribbling and then starts dribbling again what is that called?

if he did a pump fake it is fine, but if just stopped randomly dribbling then dribbled again it would be a unnecessary carry

Dribbling types in hockey?

"Dribbling Types" It's called stickhandleing first of all. Second of all there are no "types". There are unofficial "names" of dekes but that's about it.

What is moving down a basketball court while bouncing the ball called?

it is called dribbling

What is it called when you use your fingertips to push the ball to the court?


What is a horse handler called?

A Wrangler

What is it called when your moving the ball with the feet while maintaining control?