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Mikhail Baryshniko, a male Ballet dancer wears tights.

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Q: A famous male that wears tights?
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Name a famous male that wears tights?

Peter pan

What if your boyfriend wears tights?

so what, it doesn't matter if he wears tights.Only a piece of clothing!

Does Hayley McQueen Wear Tights?

Sometmes Hayley Wears Black Tights But Generally She Likes Going Bare Legged

What are those things Jeff hardy wears on his arms?

They are his arm bands, made of tights.

What percent of women wear black tights?

About 90% Of Women wear black tights. because there flattering & they Like the Colour. mean also think it's Sexy when a women wears black tights

Why do tights make you horny?

Well are you a male or a female? it depends.

What do male ballet dancers wear under their tights?

Male dancers wear dance belts under their tights. A dance belt is kind of like a really tight jockstrap, but with a thong design so it does not show through tights. Dancers wear them for support and protection.

Do male ballet dancers have to wear tights to perform?

Male ballet dancers are not obligated to wear tights for a ballet performance. However, it is worn for convenience and comfort when dancing as the dancer is agile.

What are the release dates for Doug - 1991 Doug's a Big Fat Liar Doug Wears Tights 2-9?

Doug - 1991 Doug's a Big Fat Liar Doug Wears Tights 2-9 was released on: USA: 7 June 1992

What do your think a high school mascots wears under their costumes?

shorts, tshirt, nothing, underwear, tights

What do male ballet dancers wear under tights?


Does Emma Crosby Wear tights?

Emma Crosby sometimes wears black tights generally though she likes going bare legged. she's single she split up with her boyfriend leo in 2012

What should you do your son wears your tights?

what ever you do don't say anything embarrassing to him. Just hide all your tights somewhere he can't find them and try and wear them less. It will save alot of embarressment. Give him some tights as a present so he doesn't have to take yours.

Do dancers wear panties under tights Is it unhealthy to not wear them under leggings or tights?

Most tights have a cotton crotch which replaces the need to wear underwear with tights. Most of the preschool age children in my studio wear panties, it does take some getting used to. We ask at recital, that no one wears them so there are no panty lines or showing panties while onstage with their costume.

Is it cool to wear tights under skirts?

Yes you can wear tights with Skirts - Im male and wearing tights and mini skirt that very cool as still as unisex clothes... no law agaisnt men wear skirt or dress or tights as it still allow to wear - feel free to wear what you like

Do WWE wrestlers wear thongs?

the men that wear tights like edge does wears them, but i dont know if they are classified as "thongs" lol

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Seeing as Peter Pan is fictional, no he does not sweat. As for socks, I don't believe so. He wears tights.

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Subhanallah Walhamdubillah As Salam ala Muhammad. A muslim male wears clothing that covers his legs and body. It is highly recommended though not required that a male wears a garment. A female just wears her hijab. Salam.

Should you let your 8 year old daughter wear knickers over tights?

Hi, my daughter is 7yrs old and she does wear knickers over her tights aswell as under. she finds her tights stay up better that way plus if she is playing with friends and her dress rises they can only see her top knickers. she has had one or two friends ask why she wears knickers over her tights but after she explains they just seem to take it as a normal thing (which i think it is anyway).

Does anyone like green out of the Saturdays?

do you mean green as in the colour or the person who wears the green tights. if you mean green as in the colour una does

What does wonder woman wear?

She wears a red and gold bustier and blue underwear with white stars on it and red and white boots. in the new version she has blue tights to replace the underwear.

Who wears a dress between male and female?


What is Hermione Granger's school uniform in Harry Potter?

She wears a black v-neck sweater with a white button down dress shirt. Under the sweater, she wears a red and gold tie. She wears a pleated black skirt that hits at about the knee or above, black tights, and plain black Mary- Jane shoes.