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Q: A cup and ball might be given at Christmas what was it?
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A cup and ball might be given at christmas what is it?

This is likely a reference to a common Victorian era toy given to children for gifting holidays. It is similar to the Mxican balero or the Japanese Kendama. It is essentially a wooden toy made of a cup like structure with a string attached to a ball on one end and the handle of the cup at the other.

How is the fifa 10 World Cup ball?

i might get it but i dont know how to play world cup yt

Which name was given to the football played in world cup 2010?

It was called the Jabulani ball.

Theres a ball in a cup how do you get that ball into another cup without toching the cup or the ball?

you have to flip the cup over

When was Christmas Cup created?

Christmas Cup was created in 2008.

When was cup and ball made?

the cup and ball was made in august in 1987

Which ball was used in Football World Cup 2010?

In the 2010 world cup a Adidas ball called the Jabulani ball was used.

What is a cup and ball in Victorian times?

A cup and ball is a wooden cup with a ball attached by string you could to get one yourself for free! By getting a plastic cup punch a hole in it, then tie some string through the hole, then get a elastic band ball smaller than the cup, then tie the string through one of the elastic bands and now you have yourself your own cup and ball.

How much for a World Cup ball?

My brother got his world cup ball at Sport Check for 30$.

What are the release dates for The Cup and Ball - 1907?

The Cup and Ball - 1907 was released on: USA: May 1907

In golf what is the rule if ball hits bottom cup and comes out?

Simply, the ball must come to rest at the bottom of the cup for the ball to be holed.

Who made 2010 World Cup ball?

.the fifa world cup 2010 south Africa ball was jabulani which was made in china and it is a molt ball