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A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball is called a slider.

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Q: A cross between fast ball and curve ball?
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A cross between a fast ball and a curve ball?


a cross between a fast ball and a curve?

Most likely a slider. It has the properties of a curve, but it has the speed of a fastball.

What is the difference between a fast ball and a curve ball?

A fast ball has more velocity and does not move as much as a curveball

What is the appoximate difference in speed between a softball fast ball and a curve ball?


What is a fast ball and curve ball mixed together called?

When a fast ball and curve ball are mixed together it is called a slider.

What is fast ball?

A fast ball is when the pitchers throws the ball straight at the strike zone, it doesn't curve (curve ball) or lower (slider), it goes straight ahead.

What are all the pitches in softball?

Fast ball, curve ball, drop ball, screw ball, rise ball, change up, curve drop, off speed curve.

Does a curve ball really curve?

Yes, the curve ball curves. This is because of the way the ball is thrown, which is a kind of a spin/jerky fast motion.

How fast can a curve ball go?

88 mph

What types of positions in Fastpitch are there?

Curve ball, Change up, fast ball, slider, splitter.

What is the difference between a pitcher's command and a pitcher's control?

Great question. The pitchers command means that his pitches are doing what he wants them to do. If his intent is to throw a curve ball, then the ball will curve. The pitcher has control when the pitches he throws are staying in the strike zone like he wants. If he wants to throw a ball, then he is throwing balls. your curveball can curve, your breaking ball can break, your slider will slide, and your fastball is fast.... however if you can't get it over the plate ( or reasonably within range), you have no control.

How fast does a curve ball need to be to break?

it has to be at least 55-60 mph before it even breaks

What is the difference between a 'cutter' and 'curve' ball in baseball?

Easy a cutter is a fastball and a curve is an off speed pitch. For an example if you throw a 4 seam fastball at at 95 mph your cutter will be in the 91-93 mph range, but your curve will be slower depending if it is a 12-6 curveball or just an regular curve. Curve balls break away from the arm of the pitcher so lefty it goes right and a righty it goes to the left. A cutter moves both ways and usually looks like a fast ball till the last second and moves up, down, left or right.

How fast can alex sorgi pitch?

I would say she is pretty fast for only being 13 years old!! Last I heard she pitching at about 55 mph with 4 different pitches (A fast ball, change up, curve ball, and is working on her drop). Keep up the good work!!

How do you grip a ball when playing cricket?

holding the seam when bowling fast and cross seam for spinners

What two factors keep the planets moving in elliptical orbits and determine how fast they orbit?

The main factors are the masses of the Sun and planets, the forces of gravity between them, and the existing rotation (angular momentum) in the system. The forward speed of the planets and their inertia prevent them from falling in towards the sun where the gravitational force comes from, so they continue on their path and just curve in towards the sun continuously under effect of the force, just like if you threw a ball fast enough it would curve downwards as fast as the horizon curved down under it.

How fast is a fastball pitch?

The speed of a fastball is dependent on the pitcher throwing the pitch. At the major league level, fastball can vary in speed by 15-20mph between different pitchers. The hardest throwers have been credited with speeds exceeding 100mph, but some pitchers can barely reach 90mph. The main difference between a fastball and other pitches is how they are thrown. A fastball is thrown similarly to the natural motion of throwing a ball, allowing the ball to roll off the fingers as it is released, imparting backspin to the ball, which provides a small amount of lift, and reduces air resistance. This lift allows the pitch to have a straighter line to the plate. The more natural motion is the primary reason for the characteristic high speed of the fastball. Curve balls are thrown with the ball rolling off the thumb, with a snap of the wrist, imparting a forward spin, causing the ball to lose lift, resulting in the characteristic "curve" of the curve ball. This motion is very unnatural, and a drop-off in speed is the result.

What is the difference between softball and fast pitch?

there are many types of ways to play softball. there is slow pitch and fast pitch. tee ball and coach pitch but fast pitch is where they go in a hole wind up and pitch the ball to the hitter.

What is the fast ball sport?

The fast ball sport is baseball, a fast ball is basically when a pitcher just throws the ball staight at the strike zone.

Should a 13 year old boy pitch 65 to 69 mph?

Pitching a fast ball at 69 mph will not harm a 13 year old. A 13 year old should not be allowed to pitch a curve ball or any other pitch that may hurt his pitching arm. Curve balls should never be pitched by any boy under the age of 16.

What is the difference between slow pitch batting and fast pitch batting?

its pretty much the same except that the ball is comming at you 10xs faster and you REALLY have to watch the ball It's pretty self-explanatory. In fast-pitch, the ball comes at you faster. In slow-pitch, the ball is coming at you slower.

What are some differences between baseball and Cricket?

In baseball the ball does not bounce, but in cricket the ball usaly bounces. And cricket fast bowlers have a run up, but base ball pitchers do not.

What is the adjective in the sentence she can hit a fast ball?

fast ball

How fast was Babe Ruth's fast ball?

Babe Ruth's fast ball was around 95 mph.

Does the size of a ball effect how fast it rolls?

The size of a ball does affect how fast it rolls. Surface also play a major role in how fast a ball will move.