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Q: A city in Oklahoma named after a amphibians village?
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What states have cities named Oklahoma City?


Was there a city or town in Oklahoma named Pena?


Does Rhode Island have a city named Bethlehem?

No City, no Town and no Village named Bethlehem in Rhode Island.

What is the number of states with the capitals with the same name?

Oklahoma City is named after its state: Oklahoma, as well as Indianapolis being named after its state: Indiana.

What was the address of the old hospital named wesley hospital in Oklahoma city Oklahoma?

NW 12th & Harvey

How many states have city or town named mustang?

One town in Oklahoma

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There's a village named Quitman.

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"In?" In Iceland. Though, I do believe there is a city/town/village named Reykjavik in Canada, as well. Named so by Icelandic settlers.

How many states have a town named Warren?

Here are the states with a village, town or city named Warren: Idaho Montana Oklahoma Texas Arkansas Minnesota Illinois Indiana Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania and all of the New England states,CT, RI,MA,ME, NH,and VT

How many states have cities named Boise?

Only one, Boise, Idaho. There is also, however, a 'Boise City' in Oklahoma.

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Burbank is a city in Los Angeles County, California. Burbank is a city in Cook County, Illinois. Burbank is a town in Osage County, Oklahoma. Burbank Township is a township in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. Burbank is a village in Wayne County, Ohio.

How many cities in the United States are named North Pole?

There are 4 cities in the United States named North Pole. They are located in Alaska, Idaho, New York, and Oklahoma. There is some confusion about the city in Oklahoma because there is also a Christmas store named North Pole City. North Pole City (the store) is in Oklahoma City, but the city North Pole in the South East of the state.