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A yellow card is a warning a red card means you have to leave the pitch and miss a game as well.

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Q: A card means you are given a warning and a card means you are ejected from the game?
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What is the red card in soccer?

It means a player has been ejected from the field of play.

What happens when you get a yellow card or a red card in soccer?

The yellow card is a warning. The red card means that you are ejected from the game, and your team has to play short for the rest of the game, also in most completions a red card will also prevent you from participating in the next match. The second yellow card in the same game will automatically give you a red card.

What are the infractions in soccer?

there is a white card which is a warning. a yellow card which is another warning. and a resd card which means you get taken out of the game and you can't play the next game.

Has anyone been given a blue card in football?

No there is no such thing as a blue card only yellow and red. yellow is a warning, two yellows means your off the pitch for the whole match and a red card means your off straight away for the whole match.

A volleyball punishment given by a referee?

yellow card= a warning red card= must leave the court yellow and red card= must leave the facility

What does yellow card mean in judo?

it means a warning like in soccer if you get 3 it means that the opponet gets a point

How much do yellow card worth?

if you mean a yellow card in football, it means a warning, 2 of them and a red card is issued and throws you out of the game and the next one.

How many games do you miss for a red card?

You get ejected from the game you got the red card in and then you miss the next match.

What does the soccer green card mean?

a green card is just a warning

What is yellow card in playing soccer?

It is a warning

What does yellow card mean in football?

it is a warning

What does a yellow and red card means?

If You get a yellow card in football it means you have accidentally or purposely fouled someone and he referee is giving you a warning if you do it again whether its an accident or not You get another yellow which is the equivalent to a red so if u get a card after the first yellow you will get a red and you will be sent off.

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