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A yellow card is a warning a red card means you have to leave the pitch and miss a game as well.

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Q: A card means you are given a warning and a card means you are ejected from the game?
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Has anyone been given a blue card in football?

No there is no such thing as a blue card only yellow and red. yellow is a warning, two yellows means your off the pitch for the whole match and a red card means your off straight away for the whole match.

What does yellow card mean in soccer?

A yellow card is a warning for a foul committed. It can also given for being verbally abusive towards the referee or other players. It is also given for delaying a game, such as when a Goalie takes too long to take a goal kick.

Why do referees don't give a yellow or red card when a foul is given in soccer?

The Official, besides being able to Caution a player with a Yellow Card or Expel a player from the field (Red Card), may also choose to warn the player of what he feels is not reckless or dangerous enough to warrant either a yellow or red card. Usually this means listening to the Referees reasoning of why he/she is warning you.

What does a green card mean in field hockey?

Green card in soccer means that when a player respects the referees' decision and be a sportsmanship person

What is yellow card in playing soccer?

It is a warning

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What is a referree's warning to another player?

A yellow card

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What happens when you get a yellow card or a red card in soccer?

It's a WarningA yellow card is a warning. Once a player has been booked, he has to be extra careful for the rest of the game; if he gets another yellow card, this will result in a red card - and he will be sent off the pitch and his team will be at a disadvantage (with one fewer player). In addition, a yellow card is added to your total tally of yellow cards for the season. If a player gets 5 yellow cards, he is suspended for a game.The most common reasons for getting a yellow card:Unsporting behavior of any type, e.g., a dangerous slide tackle.Dissent (disagreeing with the referee's or linesman's decision).Persistent infringement of rules, e.g. constantly tripping people.Entering or leaving the field without permission.Delaying the game, perhaps by refusing to stand the proper distance from a free kick, or not throwing in the ball for a long period of time.

A referee's warning to a player in soccer?

sometimes a card and sometimes they wll just speak to the player

What is the referees final warning to a player in soccer?

A red card, or ejection

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