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MLB Rule 2 defines a foul ball and includes the following ...

"A batted ball not touched by a fielder, which hits the pitcher’s rubber and rebounds into foul territory, between home and first, or between home and third base is a foul ball."

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It's a fair ball as long as that's where the ball lands. But, it doesn't matter anyway because all players are supposed to be in fair territory to play.


If a ball is touched like the scenario you have painted above. It does not matter where the ball lands. The determining factor to whether it is fair or foul is where the ball is in relation to the foul line when it is touched --- if the ball is in the air in fair territory and you touch it making it land in foul territory... this is fair ball since the fielder touched it when fair territory and visa versa -----tigersy2k3

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Q: A batted ball hits the pitchers rubber and land in foul ground?
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Batted ball hits pitching rubber and caught in the air?

It is a ground ball.

What is a batted ball hit on the ground in softball?

It's just called a ground ball.

If batted ball hits a base before it hits the ground is it an out?

No, it is simply a ground ball and is in play.

A line drive at the pitchers mound ball hits the mound and deflects back behind home plate and lands out of play Whats the call?

A batted ball that hits the pitcher's mound (or any base) is considered a fair ball. A fair ball that lands out of play is considered a ground rule double.

Is a rubber basketball beatter then a leather basketball?

A leather basketball is better than a rubber ball but if your playing outside the ground ruins the leather so a rubber ball is better when you are playing outside

If a 3rd baseman goes to the mound between innings picks up ball moves his feet around to smooth the dirt 2 feet from the pitchers rubber then hands the ball to the real pitcher who has to pitch?

The pitcher

How does a rubber ball bounce so high?

A rubber ball bounces so high because the material it is made of has a spring-back effect. The more force used to throw the ball to the ground, the more it will spring back.

If a batted ball hits a base runner who is on the bag but is in foul ground what happens?

If a baserunner is in foul ground and is hit by a batted ball, the ball is declared foul and all runners return to their previously occupied base, regardless of whether or not the runner that was hit was standing on the base.

How do you pitch fast pitch softball?

to pitch a fast ball , you start with both feet on the rubber ( pitchers mound ) come up with ball in the glove , after bring your hands apart and come down with it bring your pitchers arm back and start your windwill ,as a right hand pitch you step with your left leg and push off the rubber with you right to get speed, for a lefty you want to step with your right leg and push off with you left , release at your hip and follow threw

What determines a fly ball or a ground ball in Baseball?

If a batted ball hits the ground before both (1) leaving the infield and (2) a fielder has a chance of catching it, that is (generally) considered a ground ball. If it leaves the infield without touching the ground or a fielder has a chance of catching it, that is considered a fly ball. A ball that does not much of an arc to its motion is often called a "line drive" instead of a "fly ball."

Does pitchers back foot have to break contact with rubber for him to throw to first?

No. Remember there are left handed pitchers and right handed pitchers. Almost every umpire will declare a right handed pitcher to have balked if his foot doesn't disengage from the rubber when he throws to first. A left handed pitcher simply steps and throws to first. His back foot usually never disengages from the rubber. To over simplify - a pitcher is called for a balk when the umpire judges the pitcher to have deceived the runner in some way. So, anytime a baulk is called, an umpire made a judgement call.

Is a rolling rubber ball the same as a bouncing rubber ball?